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What is the head bolt tightening torque for a 1989 Nissan Z-24 pickup?


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2011-09-14 10:13:46
2011-09-14 10:13:46

54- 61 ft lbs should be about right on the head bolts

don't torque them to the specs all at once start about 20 lbs each then about 35 to 40 then torque to spec . do this in a crossing pattern starting in the center bolts criss crossing back and forth out word out side < :::::>

when the head is replaced ,it is a good idea on the Nissan or any engine to replace the timing , make sure your marks are right before putting the cover and rest of the engine to geather when you feel you are right with the timing turn the engine slowly over by hand and make sure it turns freely . if it does not turn all the way on the rotation that means posibly a valve is hitting the piston and will couse damage . it would be good to get a chilton book at the local auto store to check the timing marks


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I have a 1.6 L motor, it was; torque to 21, then torque to between 51 and 54 lbs. completely loosen bolts then repeat tightening pattern above.

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its connected to your positive battery cable.

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