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What is the height of a freight train?

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There is no specified height on a freight train as you see, shipping containers, single stacked and double stacked. These containers are about 9 foot tall. The railroad is private property and most freight is shipped in cubic measure or weight.

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How height is a train?

Freight train height is 12-13 ft tall.Subway or underground train height is 10 ft tall

What is a object that is 1 kilometer?

A long freight train.A long freight train.A long freight train.A long freight train.

What is a sentence for freight train?

The freight train was running late.We need to be on the next freight train.

What does a freight train carry?

A freight train carries cargos and sometimes food, depending on what the cargo is. a freight train does not transport passengers.

How do you define a freight train?

A freight train is a railroad train designed for the work of transporting goods.

Train is to freight as ship is to what?

A train carries freight. A ship carries cargo.

When was Freight Train Heart created?

Freight Train Heart was created in 1987.

How much does a freight train weigh?

A freight train weighs 12,000-20,000 tons.

Wear do you sleep on a freight train?

You don't sleep on a freight train they only carry cargo.

What is a sentence using the word freight train?

A freight train swiftly flew along the tracks.

Can you write a sentence with freight and height in it?

The height of the bridge was to low for the freight on the truck to pass under. When rail transportation was at its height, it handled more freight than trucks did.

Which is faster a passenger train or a freight train?

Passenger trains are usually faster than freight trains.

How do you Find the freight train in Zelda spirit tracks?

you get the freight train after helping the gorons in goron village

What is a fright train?

There is no such thing, it is actually a freight train.

What is a train but not a passengers?


What is a train called that only carries on cargo?

A freight train

What do you call a train which carry goods?

Goods or freight train

What is the American English word for goods train?

Freight train.

How many doors does a freight train have?

About 25 doors in common freight trains.

How do you play freight train on piano?


What is a freight-train in literature?

A Freight-Train in literature is a sentence with three or more very independent clauses joined by conjunctions

What do you call a train which carries goods?

A train that carries goods is called a freight train.

Is there freight train to Montreal Canada?

Yes, they had one of Canada first Freight Trains.

Did bugs hop on the freight train?

Depending on which freight train, I'm assuming, probably... It would be easier to answer this if you had a specific game you inane retard.

What are the release dates for A Freight Train Drama - 1912?

A Freight Train Drama - 1912 was released on: USA: 5 December 1912