What is the heritage of most Italians?

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What is the most expensive Italian cured meat?

Of generally available cured meats San Daniele from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Parma Ham from Emilia Romagna and Salame Sant Angelo from Sicily cost the most per etto or gramme. There are many more but tend not to be distributed nationally.

Most famous Italian invention?

The answer is the coffee machine. Most Americans and Italians drink coffee. An average American or Italian drinks up to 500 gallons of coffee per year. Also a man in Italy invented glasses and about 11 out of 20 people have either reading glasses or need glasses to see.\nThe first battery was also i ( Full Answer )

Are most Italians Catholic?

. Catholic Answer Yes, approximately 80% of Italy is Christian, with a small percentage of them being Christians who do not belong to the Catholic Church. from the CIA Factbook (link below) . Christian 80% (overwhelming Roman Catholic with very small groups of Jehova Witnesses and Protestant ( Full Answer )

How do you get a heritage?

you can get a heritage by passing things on from ur great-great gramma or ur great-great grandpa

Do most colleges teach Italian?

Yes, most colleges do teach Italian. . Yes, most colleges do teach Italian. . Yes, most colleges do teach Italian. . Yes, most colleges do teach Italian. . Yes, most colleges do teach Italian. . Yes, most colleges do teach Italian.

Why did most Italians come to the US?

To see what America had and to escape the Italian economy which meant that they came for the American Dream just like every other ethnic group. Some found it. Others struggled and a few dispared. The streets were not paved with gold and they had to build the streets.

Is Steven Seagal also of Italian heritage?

Not according to his biographies. Steven Frederic Seagal was born in Lansing, Michigan April 10, 1952. His mother was Irish-American, and his father was Jewish.

What is the most famous Italian dish?

Pizza I love Italian food and my favorites are classic spaghetti, meat ravoli, and chicken parmesean. Pizza is not originally from Italy. It is an American made dish. The most famous Italian dish is Pasta.

What do most Italians prefer to eat?

Most Italians prefer to eat pasta . In fact, the colors and the shapes of the different pasta are sources of local and regional pride. They like to flavor their foods with fragrant herbs that may be served freshed or prepared through baking, boiling, broiling, cooking, frying or grilling. They ha ( Full Answer )

Why have most Popes been Italian?

Unfortunately for a long period, the papacy was hijacked by local politics in Rome and the office of Pope became a source of local power. Popes were appointed and deposed on the basis of how they could benefit local politics. Areas farther from Rome had little power to affect the situation; and in s ( Full Answer )

Which Italian football club has a cricket heritage?

Actually A.C. Milan was started by two English man, later Inter Milan joint in as they separated in 1909 . Please note A.C. Milan and Inter Milan are spelled the English way, and not the Italian way Milano.

Most beautiful in Italian?

Bellissima, for a most beautiful female; bellissimo, for a most handsome male. The superlative of the adjective is formed by taking the Italian word bello, and adding the superlative ending -issima or -issimo.

Ingredients in most Italian foods?

You will find that 90% of Italian food involves garlic and parmesan cheese. Basil, Oregano ect. are very common. Pasta is used a lot, so is tomato. A lot of Italian cooking also incorporates wine.

Where was Italian renisance most popular?

IT is most popular in the spanish part of the region they used there tricks to get food goods and some king and queen heirs but most of all they built the first on stage comedian proformance called the little girl who could.

Most famous Italian food?

Pizza, lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti, manicotti, and fettucinni alfredo are all good examples of famous Italian foods. Pizza, by far, is the reigning champion of this domain. Spaghetti would come in at a very close second.

What is Italian most famous for?

Italian is most famous for the musicality of the language. The sounds and the way in which words are grouped lend themselves to song, music, and dance. That's why so many of the opera composers were Italian. That also is why so many opera singers, orchestra players and conductors still are Italian ( Full Answer )

What are the most popular Italian operas?

I'd say Puccini's operas would be at the top of the list: La bohème Tosca Madama Butterfly Turandot You'd have to have include a fair whack of Verdi's operas, especially: La traviata Il trovatore (The troubadour) Rigoletto Aida The bel canto composers would be on any list of most popular oper ( Full Answer )

Where did most of the Italians live in US?

New York City has the largest population of Italian/Sicilian Americans and always has, followed by Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston and Pittsburgh. With exceptions for the largest cities in western U.S. states, most Italians originally settled on or near the east coast. This still holds true today.

Most popular italian herb?

idk ask ur parents if u wanna know.or go to school and look it u wanna know.

What is the most Italian name?

Maria for females and Giuseppe for males are the most Italian names according toAbout.com. Specifically, the feminine name Maria means "Mary." The masculine name Giuseppe translates as "Joseph." The respective pronunciations will be"ma-REE-a" in the feminine and "djoo-ZEP-pey" in the masculin ( Full Answer )

Are most Italian penises circumcised?

very few would be perhaps if it was done as a result of a medicalemergency but in the main this would be as unlikely as having anypart of the body amputated. There is no particular religiouscompulsion on them to have it done on the contrary there are actualreligious reasons why it should not be done ( Full Answer )

What is 'I love my Italian heritage' when translated from English to Italian?

Amo le mie origini italiane! is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "I love my Italian heritage!" The declarative/exclamatory sentence translates literally into English as "I love my Italian origins!" The pronunciation will be "A-mo ley myey o-REE-djee-nee EE-ta-LYA-ney" in Italian.

What state has the most italians?

Connecticut has the most residents per capita in the country claiming to be of Italian descent. So the answer is Connecticut.

Where do most Italians work?

Some jobs in Italy: . academic jobs Accountancy Job Accounting Jobs Advertising Jobs Airline Jobs Airport Jobs Animal Job Armed Forces Job Au Pair Job Aviation Job Banking Job Beauty Jobs Care Work Career Advice Careers Casual Work Catering Job Center Job Plus C ( Full Answer )

Why is Lady Gaga ashamed of her Italian heritage?

Lady Gaga cannot stand anything to do with Italian culture, language, food, etc. Gaga is a very proud star and stripe girl, but she will get VERY angry if anyone describes her as "Italian".

Is Joe Bastianich Italian All he talks about is his Italian Heritage when you look him up he has two Croatian Parents?

If you research the area of present day Croatia where his mother(Lidia Bastianich of PBS cooking shows) was born, you'll find it'sa portion of Europe that has changed hand quite often. It has beenpart of Austria, Italy, and Croatia. Joe was born in the UnitedStates, but both his parents and his gran ( Full Answer )

What are the most rememberred Italian quotes?

"Bella Vita," means beautiful girl. When I was in Italy I noticed that everywhere because it's also a clothing line. Also "Ciao," is very common because it is a quick way of saying goodbye!

What do most Italian people look like?

most italian people look like ? it depends what part you are from in italy the south or the north for example if your from the north you are most likely to be blond tall with blue eyes but if your from the south you are to be more tanned

What are the most common Italian last names?

Some of the most common Italian surnames are Rossi, Russo, Ferrari, Esposito and Bianchi.Other popular names are Romano, Colombo, Ricci, Greco and Marino.