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What is the history of Harp Lager beer?

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harp is made from the leftover beer that doesn't pass quality control at larger brewers.

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How does beer differ from lager?

All lager is beer, but not all beer is lager.

Which beer is most popular bock beer or lager beer?

Lager is the more popular type of beer in America.

Which one is better lager beer or pilsner beer?

Pilsner is a style of Lager.

When did Lager Beer Riot happen?

Lager Beer Riot happened in 1855.

What is an Irish lager?

An Irish lager is a beer

What drink has a harp logo on it?

Harp Lager. It's made by Guinness.

What is the difference between draught beer and lager beer?

They are not contrasting things. There are 2 types of beer. Lager and ale. All draft beer is, is beer served from a keg thorough a tap. You can serve lager or ale from a tap.

Is there more calories in beer or lager?

Easy lager

Is kingfisher beer lager beer?


Is Budweiser an beer like lager or beer like ale?

Budweiser is an American style lager. It's not a traditional lager, due to the use of rice in the brewing process, but it is nonetheless, a lager. Definitely not an ale.

What is the best beer in Australia?

The best beer in Australia is James Boag's Premium Lager followed by Cascade Premium Lager.

What is in a Heineken lager beer?

Heineken Lager Beer is created using purified water, malted barley, hops, and yeast.

What beer is the darkest and the strongest?


What classification of beer is corona?


What is inside lager?

Lager is a type of beer. Beer is made from fermented grain. The resulting beverage contains mostly carbonated water and alcohol.

What is lager?

Lager is one of the two major styles of beer, the other being ale.

What is a Beer starting with letter L?


Beer that starts with a y?

Yuengling Lager

What is cold aged beer called?


What are Beer names that begin with an e?

I know of Easter Beer, and Elderflower lager.

Is lager a drug?

Lager is a category of beer and thus contains alcohol. Alcohol is considered a drug.

Where did the word lager come from?

The word comes from German as Lager-Bier meaning beer brewed for keeping. (the word lager meaning storehouse and bier for beer) It can be stored for between six weeks and six months

What is name of beer starts with a l?

· Lagerhead Lager beer · Lowenbrau · Labatt's Blue

What is a black beer?

A black beer is any of a group of German lager-style beers.

Cost of a pint of beer in year 2000?