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Well back in the year of i think in the late 1969 that area was run by the latin kings faction right there on montrose and paulina and cullom right in the middle of ravenswood school it was a a tuff neighborhod even with nice homes in the neighborhood it was a battle ground with the Latin Eagles that had there turf by lakeview highschool when school was in session you had the Simon city royals by ravenswood and irvingpark street and the gaylords east of montrose and clark.There was a ice cream shop on the corner of montrose and ashland called doctor jazz in the 70 but was closed down i think in the early or late 80 when 2 kids was gun down while eating ice cream in the place i think the gang the was responciable was the latin eagles or the Simon city royals.Montrose and Paulina was really ruff in them days


That area of Paulina was where I grew up. Back from 1970 thru 1990, the area was rough and on a downward spiral. The aforementioned gangs did exist, but are long gone. My best friend still lives on Hermitage and Montrose and has seen that area gentrify to the point where there are now million dollar properties there. I believe the gang members from back then are either in Jail or dead. There is a "Gaylords" website that I found. Its actually rather well put together. Oh by the way we, The Chase Park Boys" owned the Chase Park-Our Lady of Lourdes area back then. Most of us are now cops. Go figure......

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Q: What is the history of North Paulina Street north of Montrose in Chicago?
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