What is the history of Windows?

Microsoft Windows was originally developed and released as MS Windows 1.0 AKA "Windows 85" by who else? Microsoft, in October of 1985 about a year and a half after Apple Computer intorduced the Macintosh. Naturally, it was a copyright infringement (in the beginning) program designed to make MS DOS based IBM PC's operate in a manner similar to the Macintosh that was the beginning of a whole new face and direction of personal computers. However, if you've ever seen windows 85 it is much more primitive looking than even the first Macintosh. It only allows you to multi-task about three maybe 4 programs maximum at once (depending on how much RAM your machine had) and the IBM Intel 286 processor - the most powerful computer at the time only offered a capacity for 2 MEGABYTES of memory, usually being shipped with only 760 KILOBYTES so you had to buy the other 1240KB separately.. very costly in those days too!

Maybe you've had some experience with MS DOS ver. 5.0 and later, if you have you're familiar with the graphical appearance of MS DOS SHELL. Windows 85 didn't look all that much different than that except of course you could barely multi-task and it offered the classic supplimental applications such as Wordpad (write), Notepad, and paint. I'm sure you've seen Windows 3.0 or 3.11 which runs off a program manager on the desktop, in Windows 1.0 through 2.11 it was even more basic. Your applications were run off what was called the MS DOS EXECUTIVE, basically a list even simpler than the file manager where you used the mouse to choose what programs you wanted to run at once and then pray your machine didn't freeze due to limited memory. No, the first version of windows I was genuinely impressed with was Windows 95 because it had the most resembalance to Apple's layout on Macintosh, and from about the mid 80's through 1994 I was a "Mac" guy all the way. Today, Microsoft Windows has created it's own entire appearance and is doing things many scientists deemed questionable years ago and is as advanced as ever. Even the NEWEST Macintosh computers are considered obselete and are not near as compatible as your PC Windows based applications, that's basically the history in a nutshell. The following is an addition made by Will_00:

Windows is the term for several software operating systems created by Microsoft. Microsoft took two different routes in its operating systems. It was developed for home use, and for the professional IT user. The home based software included a mainly multimedia supported functionality. The professional IT user based operating systems included a lower ranked multimedia set up, but better networking and security. The versions included Windows 1.0, Windows 2.3, Windows 3.0 (which with 3.1 somewhat overtook the basic user interface of the operating system), Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Of course there were others, but those are some of the major ones. The next Windows operating system, that is not a server, is entitled Windows Vienna, or Windows 7.