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What is the history of bookawakastatetimbucktu tribe?



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Well, this is very long: The history of the bookawakastatetimbucktu tribe started like this: A man called bookawakastatetimbucktupookielalalamokawanpocathantessakagaqweasupercalifragapocawatawanabooksstatewatan was wondering the forest when he saw a camp ground! He decided to build a city there! HE DID! THAT IS HOW THIS TRIBE STARTED! HE HASD KIDS WHO HAD KIDS WHO HAD MORE KIDS AND MORE KIDS UNTIL THERE WERE 400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 people in his tribe! FINALLY, SOME BRITISH PEOPLE CAME AND ATTACKED 4 GAZZILION MILLION BILLION TRIBE PEOPLE then there was no more city but the history will always be in our hearts!