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What is the history of soap operas?

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Soap Opera's orginated from the 1930's from The United States of America. Soap opera's were used to serialize domestic radio drama's. The term opera in "Soap Opera" refers to the fact that they were used on the basis that they came from everyone's day to day dilema's. Soap Opera was was braodcasted through radio stations from 1930 to 1950 when it first became televised.

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Q: What is the history of soap operas?
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Why do you watch soap operas?

You watch soap operas just for entertainment. Nothing much.

Does anybody watch soap operas?

Yes people do watch soap operas. The audiance is in the millions. There is a list of hundreds of soap operas in every countrie. Like Search for Tomorrow (1951-1986) had 9130 episodes and was one of the first Soap Operas.

What has the author Dorothy Hobson written?

Dorothy Hobson has written: 'Soap opera' -- subject- s -: History and criticism, Soap operas

Who began soap operas?

Soap sellers.

What is the difference between soap operas and operas?

Soap operas are more like a dramatic sitcom. While Operas are musicals that include Opera music. They are over dramatic, by ellie

What soap operas can a person discuss on SoapZone?

There is a wide variety of soap operas on SoapZone. You can use SoapZone to watch soap operas and chat with people about them and common interests between you both.

Why are soap operas called soap operas?

Soap Operas are midday television dramas targeted to women. They are called "soap operas" because originally the shows were sponsored by soap and detergent companies like Proctor and Gamble, Colgate-palmolive, and Lever brothers. As housewives were the main audience, soap manufacturers were the main sponsors. The shows would be interspersed with commercials for laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, etc.

What emotions is potrayed by soap operas?

The emotions that are potrayed in soap operas are sad , angry ,joyful , worried ,and last faithful.

Serious operas were call what?


Did he play on any soap operas?


Are soap operas funny?


What has the author Sam Ford written?

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Which soap operas are covered by the website Soap Central?

Soap Central is website dedicated to American soap operas. It covers shows such as Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, All My Children and General Hospital.

Where are Australian soap operas filmed?

In Australia....?

What are the effects of soap operas to televiewers?


How many soap operas air on CBS?

CBS airs numerous soap operas depending on the date and time, currently they air 2 shows.

What do soap operas and traditional operas have in common?

Both are filled with Drama. And normally people in operas sing more than they actually talk.

Why were romantic dramas nicknamed ''soap operas''?

They were origionally sponsered by soap products

What year did soap operas start?

in 1930 in 1930

How do you say tele novelas in English?

soap operas

How did soap operas start?

Soap operas have evolved from radio television. The first radio soap opera, Painted Dreams, premiered October, 20 1930. The first television soap opera, Faraway Hill, premiered October 2, 1946.

What are the most popular soap operas?

General Hospital, All My Children, One Life to Live, and Young and the Restless are pretty popular soap operas. I recommend General Hospital.

What has the author Seli Groves written?

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What does Joe Biden do in his free time?

watches soap operas

What percentage of British people watch soap operas?