What is the history with ACE and ACO Hardware Stores?

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I am not sure of the details but I lived in Ypsilanti, Michigan from 1980-1982 and the ACE hardware in our shopping center became an ACO while I was there.
I got this from a member of the Traskos family, who founded ACO. They had been affiliated with ACE, and went their own way, many years ago. I will try to get more info, and post it later on.
The store originally started as "The Hardware Depot" as a single store in Dearborn. It was then cheaper to buy from "Ace" than from local wholesaler's. The company name was changed to Ace value center. The company spread to many new locations and it was were they were large enough to buy strait from the manufacturer's. Signs are very expensive and it was cheaper to change one letter to an "O" than replace all the signs. (information from my great-grandfather one of the original creators of the company)
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How many Ace Hardware stores are there in us?

There are 4400 USA stores accordign to Ace's VP of new business Development. They said they will open 100 stores in 08 and about the same in 09. Listen to his radioshow interview to undersand more about their store plans. IT is on the website www.acehardware.com

Who makes furniture for restoration hardware stores?

Most items are made by different manufacturers all over the world. From China, to Vietnam, to USA. All of their upholstery products are made in China. Their factory cart coffee table is made from carts used in a California furniture factory, refurbished by the Michael's Furniture Company, a lot of t ( Full Answer )

Do they sale tin snips at ace hardware?

Yes A Ace Hardware store in New York sells Tin Snips too. or even you can buy through online. http://www.acetogo.com/class/hand-tools-and-tool-accessories/snipsbolt-cuttershvac/snips.html

How many stores is Lowes hardware closing?

On October 17, 2011, Lowes announced that they are closing 20 under-performing stores. Locations are: Los Banos, CA Westminster, CA Denver. CO Aurora, IL Oswego, IL Chalmette, LA Haverhill, MA Biddeford, ME Ellsworth, ME Ionia, MI Rogers, MN Claremont, NH Hooksett, NH Ma ( Full Answer )

Does ace hardware have flint?

Yes an Authorized Ace Hardware Retailer in New York Sells Flint. for online assistance : http://www.acetogo.com/class/sporting-goods/camping-accessories/camp-stovelantern-accs.html

What is a hardware store?

A Hardware store is a place where you can by most things to do withhome (or office) improvement and DIY (Do-it-yourself). Hardwarestores do vary in what types of things they carry, depending on thebrand/ franchise, ownership and location. Normally they will carry various types of power (an manual t ( Full Answer )

What is Ace hardware mission statement?

i fledged to be ace helpful helping you is the most important thing that i have to do today. the NEED, WANT and INTEREST TO MAKE satisfy the customer

Weird al hardware store spoofing?

50% of the time Weird Al will make his on original Audio and lyrics to a song. He doesn't always parody a song.

How many home hardware stores are there in Canada?

According to the history page on their website: The company isowned by close to 1,100 independent small business operators fromevery corner of Canada, who operate under one of its four banners:Home Hardware, Home Hardware Building Centre, Home Building Centreand Home Furniture.

How much do webkinzjr cost at Ace Hardware?

I don't know how much it costs at Ace Hardware but maybe if you call them they can tell you how much they are. You could also go on their website and check. They might not have them there but they have them at Hallmark for like 5 bucks.. Hope This Helps!

Was there a split between ACE and ACO Hardware Stores?

As far as I know, Ace Hardware and ACO are two different hardware stores. They were never the same store so there was no split. When I was young I remember many ACE Hardware stores in the Detroit metro area. Many years ago, maybe the 70's, I noticed a few new hardware stores opening named A.C.E. Har ( Full Answer )

Where to find Proctor Ace Hardware?

Look under Proctor Ace Hardware on theInternet. 5723 University Blvd West Jacksonville, Florida. 580 Atlantic Blvd Neptune Beach, Florida. Hope this helps

What does the abbreviation aco stand for in aco hardware stores?

When I was young I remember many ACE Hardware stores in the Detroit metro area. Many years ago, maybe the 70's, I noticed a few new hardware stores opening named A.C.E. Hardware. I was confused, why some stores were ACE Hardware and others were A.C.E.? I found out A.C.E. was a rival store to ACE Har ( Full Answer )

Why did ACE hardware change their name to ACO?

As far as I know, Ace Hardware and ACO are two different hardware stores. ACE hardware did NOT change their name to ACO. If you're asking because a local store changed names then I would say the owner of the ACE Hardware sold it to ACO therefore the name change. When I was young I remember many ACE ( Full Answer )

Is bell wire available at hardware stores?

Most local hardware stores carry bell wire. The big-box stores probably only carry the DIY wireless kits. A suitable replacement is furnace thermostat wire.

Is there a reliable hardware store in Louisville?

While there are other reliable hardware stores in Louisville, from researching prices and service, Meiners J'town Hardware is the most "reliable". It does multiple tool rentals, is a retail seller of dozens of wood stoves, it also has a wide variety of 'Porter Paint', janitorial supplies, plumbing s ( Full Answer )

Why dc can be stored ac cannot stored?

Why direct current (DC) can be stored but alternating current(AC) can not be? Current means flow of charge per unit second. Any flow cannot be made stationary. Then it is not flow. Hence both direct current and alternating current cannot be stored. We can store only charges. In capacito ( Full Answer )

Where can you find hardware to store hurricane shutters?

Hardware to store hurricane shutters can be found at your local hardware store. One of the most common types is a steel cable or chain screwed to the wall with a wing nut to be able to reuse as often as needed, but in cases where shutters are too tall to stand up inside a garage, a few pieces of woo ( Full Answer )

Is there an ACE Hardware store located in the Corona CA area?

There is! And it is on 6th Street in Corona. You want to know how I found that out? I typed in Corona Ca Ace Hardware. You can probably even find out what kind of ratings it gets and see if it is an Ace Hardware you really want to go to or you should keep looking.

What are some cheap hardware stores?

"Cheap" is a relative term and may depend on your location. If you're looking for a fair price and some peace of mind about what you're buying, you may want to give Lowes or The Home Depot a try!

Where is a 24 hour hardware store in chicago?

Unfortunately not , Chicago sucks , after 9 your pretty much obligated to gas stations,convient stores and fast food , that's pretty much all that I can say born and raised in chi it sucks!

Are the Home Hardware stores in Pittsburgh?

Yes you can find several hardware stores in the Pittsburgh area in the local yellow pages and larger companies like Home Depot and Lowe's are in nearly every major city.

Is ace hardware open on Christmas?

No, Ace Hardware is not open on Christmas Day. Many stores close sothat employees can spend time with family.

Is there a hardware store in atco NJ?

Yes, there are several hardware stores in the Acto, NJ area. One of the stores, Atco Hardware, is located at 2171 Atco Avenue Suite 1 and can be contacted by calling (856) 767-6990.

Is hardware store a proper noun?

No, the compound noun 'hardware store' is a common noun, a word for any hardware store anywhere. A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example: . Sister's Community Hardware Store, Brooklyn, NY . Fuller & Son Hardware Inc, Little Rock, AR . Blossom True ( Full Answer )

Where is an Ace Hardware in Georgia?

There are so many Ace Hardware locations within the state of Georgia. It all depends on what area one lives in, there's one in Abbeville, Georgia and many others allover.

What is the best ace hardware products?

The best ace hardware products are said to be what they specialize in, paint, farm supplies, extension cords, and other items to make home improvement easy.

How are building materials distributed to hardware stores?

There are a large variety of materials manufacturing sites depending on the materials, be they stone, wood, metals, and so forth. Generally the transportation and distribution of materials depends upon the locations of the processing plant (for raw materials), manufacturing plant (for formed materia ( Full Answer )

Where can someone find the nearest ace hardware store?

The easiest way to find the nearest Ace hardware store is to look in the local yellow pages to find if there is one in the home town. Otherwise look them up online and see if there is one in a nearby town.

Does Ace Hardware have baby chicks?

Yes, there are some Ace Hardware stores that do sell baby chicks. You'll have to check with your local store for availability and prices. Sometimes the chicks are placed in big washtubs, so the customer can pick and chose his own.

What can you see in a hardware store?

There are a wide variety of items that a person can see when visiting a hardware store. These include drills, hammers, nails, shears, blades, and other types of machinery.

Where is the cheapest store to buy computer hardware?

Depending on sales going on, there is an online outlet computer hardware store that can provide lower prices for the consumer. Amazon, another famous internet tool, provides a search section, that gives the buyer an opportunity to compare prices.

Where can one find the Ace hardware store?

Ace Hardware has a store locator app on its website where you can type in your location and find the nearest location. If you have a global positioning system you can also search for the nearest ace hardware store.

How much are butt hinges in hardware stores?

The price of butt hinges depends greatly on their size, manufacturer, the material from which they are made and the retailer selling them. Butt hinges can be found for as little as $1.50 per pair for 1/2" x 5/8" simple hinges, to $35 and higher apiece for 2 1/2" x 2"heavyweight brass finial designs. ( Full Answer )

Where can one find Ace Hardware stores?

Ace Hardware stores is a hardware corporation based out of Oak Brook,Illinois, United States. The company current has 4,077 hardware stores in the United States. A store locator link is available on their official website to locate the nearest store for consumers.

What hardware stores sell dial calipers?

Some hardware stores that sell dial calipers include Walmart, Target, and NAPA. You can also purchase a dial caliper online through the Amazon website and have it shipped directly to your house.

What are some locations for Aco Hardware?

Their are Aco Hardware stores in Auburn Hills, Birmingham, Brooklyn, Chelsea, Detroid, Redford and many more. A complete list can be found on the website mystore441.

Can you find lye in a hardware store or drugstore?

Yes, you can find it in a hardware store and maybe a drug store. There is a product called Red Devil Lye which is used as a drain opener. That is sodium hydroxide crystals which is the lye that is known as lye. Of course, there are other chemicals which are technically lyes. Sodium hypochlorite is h ( Full Answer )

What do people in the US call a hardware store?

Most people in the United States refer to a hardware store as ahardware store. In the past it might have been referred to as ageneral store. Other countries have referred to a hardware store asan Ironmongers.

Which hardware is used for storing binary information?

Technically, almost anything in the system holds binary information at some point. But you probably mean RAM (for currently-running programs) or a hard drive / SSD (for longer-term storage, or when the computer is off).