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This info is for the TFI System, and would be about the same for most applications.

1. Turn off all lights and accessories. Set parking brake and place transmission in Neutral. Ensure A/C and heater are off. Distributor-to-computer signal must be interrupted to accurately check or adjust timing. Disconnect the single wire in-line spout connector near distributor. Some engines use a double wire spout connector which requires removal of the shorting bar (end cap) on the end of the wire connector.

2. Connect timing light. Start engine and warm to normal operating temperature. With engine at specified RPM check timing, and adjust if necessary. Reconnect spout connector or reinstall shorting bar. Check timing advance to verify distributor is advancing properly. Remove tachometer and shut off engine.

Degrees BTDC @ RPM

Auto. Trans. - - 10 @ 675 Max.

Man. Trans. - - 10 @ 775 Max.

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Q: What is the ignition timing specification on a 1988 ford f600 with a 370 motor?
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