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4 degrees btc

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โˆ™ 2007-07-20 01:20:41
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Q: What is the ignition timing supposed to be set at for 305 engine on this G20 Van?
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What is the ignition timing supposed to be set at for 305 engine on a 1977 nova?

What's the mileage on the engine and what altitude are you at? check out

What is the correct ignition timing on a 1997 gmc sierra with a 305?

The timing for this engine is electronically controlled and not adjustable

What is ignition timing for 1998 Chevy silverado 305?

The timing on that year engine is computer controlled. It requires an engine scanner to set the timing. YOU CAN NOT USE A TIMING LIGHT.

What is the ignition timing for a 91 Chevy caprice 9C1 305 engine?

8 degrees before top dead center.

What is the ignition timing spec for a 1992 Chevy Camaro with 305?


Where on the web can you find ignition timing specs for an 86 Chevy 305?


Having perblom Ignition timing on a 92 rs camaro 305 tbi?

Bring it to a shop and have them adjust the timing with a timing gun I believe its 6*

How do you set the timing on a 98 Chevy 1500 305 engine?

That requires an engine scanner.

What is base ignition timing on 1983 350?

there was no 350 in the camaros in 83 just 305 and v6

What is the ignition timing on a 305 gm 5L tuned port injection?

about 16 degrees btdc

Do you have to change the timing if i turned my 2barrel into a 4 barrell on a 305 engine?


How do you reset the cam timing and ignition timing when youv removed the distributor from a 1977 Chevy 305 small block?

cam timing will not change ignition timing i would try 8 or 10 degees advance at idle with the vacuum advance disconnected.

What is the sensor on a 305 Chevy motor right next to the starter?

it is a knock sensor that is used to adjust the ignition timing.

How do you set the timing on a 1998 305 V8.?

The timing is set and adjusted by the Engine Control Module according to driving situations.

How do you adjust fast idle and curb idle on 1991 cheyenne 305?

try adjusting the ignition timing(or getting a mechanic to do it)

Does a 305 Chevy engine from a 1984 trans am have a metal timing chain and gearset?

I believe 88 and earlier 305's have a nylon coated cam gear that is supposed to make them run quieter but are prone to failure, however chain and crank gear are all steel.

305 Chevy engine timing?

rev the engine to about 2500 rpm's and turn the distributor until you find that sweet spot.

Is there engine compression on a 1991 Mercury Sable 305 engine with the timing chain broken?

You may have compression on any cylinder where the valves happen to be closed, but you will not have compression on all cylinders. 1991 Sable does not have a 305 engine.

In a 1989 Chevy 305 what could be wrong if TDC ignition firing order and distributor are set but engine still backfires?

Timing chain jumped? distributor cap is cracked or igniition wire are mix up

Where are the timing marks 0n a 1989 chev caprice 305 engine?

looking down from (ONTOP) of the engine they are behind the water pump

How do you set timing on a 305 motor?

what are the timing marks on a chev 305 motor for the year 1995.

Where are the pulley timing marks and timing plate on a 1987 Chevrolet camaro 305?

they are behind the water pump looking strait down from the top of the engine

How much do it cost for a new timing belt and a Chevy caprice 1990?

Since this category is 305-350, I'll have to assume that YOUR engine is one of the two mentioned. The 1990 Chev 305 and 350 did not use a timing belt. They used a timing chain, and unless something really odd happened, you should never need to replace the timing chain until you rebuild the engine.

How do you adjust timing without a timing light on a 1985 Chevy 305 5.0?

You could put a vacuum gage on the engine and time it for peak vacuum. A timing light is still better.

Picture of timing tab marks on 79 olds with a 305 chev engine?

If you will look stright down behind the water pump, you will see the timing tab.