What is the impact of science and technology on society?


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I love new technology within society but with new technology, stress comes too. I have learnt that with technology, stress is a partner.


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The most important impact of science and technology to society is that it brings innovation and change in all spheres of life and makes life convenient, economical and easier for the common man.

Science can impact society by creating technology that makes peopleâ??s lives easier. It also can help create medicines to help treat diseases.

technology is the application of science

There are many impacts that technology has had on our society. One impact would be the advancement of medical technology.

They are strictly interdependents on all possible senses. Society evolved on Science and Technology. Science and Technology evolved on Society. That's all.

With science, there will be technology. With technology, there would be things like cars for example and with cars, there will be accidents and so, science and technology is interconnected with society.

Science and technology have put their advantageous as well as disadvantageous effects on society.

Technology supplies the tools that society uses, science supplies the understanding of how the technology works.

Science is the system of acquiring knowledge and technology is the usage and the use of tools, crafts and knowledge. Science influences technology and technology influences science also technology and science are influenced by society and society is influenced by technology and science. It is like triangle that each side affects the other sides.

Contemporary Society is very dependent on Science and Technology, so it is hardly an impediment

The effects of science and technology on society is it provides our society with basic tools to make our way of living much easier

Below two are most important technology which creates positive impact on the society : All digital technologies Satellite technology

technology advances society in almost every way, from the hammer to the Ipod

Technology expands the societyÕs knowledge. This also helps human in increasing the understanding of how the world works and allows communication more efficient.

is science and technology a boon or a curse for development of mass media

Social science deals with the society and the problems but technology science deals with the technical issues

Society is the application of technology and order in a social system. Because of the loose definition of technology, you could consider anything from an electron microscope to a chainsaw technology. You figure out the impact of the wheel on society.

The importance of science and technology in contemporary society is demonstrated in the daily lives of people. Science and technology is used for cooking, learning, working, and carrying out most tasks.

The purpose of science is different from technology because science seeks to explain things while technology is supposed to make life easier.

Among others: (and this is both good and bad) is the fact that science and technology allows 6 billion people to live on Earth rather than a max population of about one million.

science and technology has had a positive impact on the economic development of the United States and has improved standards of living

Almost all of our physical technology is derived in some way from Newtons contributions to science.

Science has had an impact on our society by teaching us the importance of it. Without we probably would not have television or a computer. They have taught us some of the knowledge of science and without. Without science we would never step out of the darkness.

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