What is the importance of Protozoans in clinical and veterinary?

Wow, is that a big question and expanding field with so many Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Chrohn's disease cases these days. Protozoal parasites are passed through water, food, and fecal contamination (which includes our hands if we don't wash them often). Symptoms of protozoa l infections include: mucoid or bloody diarrhea, colitis, severe diarrhea with fever, enlarged livers, liver abscesses and abdominal pain among lots of other gut symptoms. Diagnosis is kind of tricky and often the doctor won't take a simple fecal sample and check it under the microscope (and the feces has to be really fresh). The outbreaks can come in waves so that the parasite does not show up upon exam even when they do take a sample. Giardia is often missed for intestinal discomfort cases and often the medications used for protozoal parasites are not that effective and act to further disrupt the gut flora. Then you have a big mess. Homeopathic drops, balancing the gut flora, and getting to the source of the infection (like submitting a water sample for testing) are the best ways to treat these kind of cases.