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  • The rhythmic accents on the off-beat, usually played by guitar or piano (or both), known as the skank. This pattern accents the second and fourth beat in each bar (or the "and"s of each beat depending on how the music is counted) and combines with the drums emphasis on beat three to create a unique feel and sense of phrasing in contrast to most other popular genres focus on beat one, the "downbeat".
  • Reggae is noted for its tradition of social criticism in its lyrics, although many reggae songs discuss lighter, more personal subjects, such as love and socializing. Some reggae lyrics attempt to raise the political consciousness of the audience, such as by criticizing materialism. or by informing the listener about controversial subjects. Other common socio-political topics in reggae songs include black nationalism, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, anti-capitalismand criticism of political systems and "Babylon".
  • Many artists are devoted Rastafarians (a back-to-Africa movement / religion), and the hatred against "Babylon" is very similar to the one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Satan rules the earth by the West and the white predominance, but "the true Africans" will be relieved by the return of Ras Tafar-I, Ethiopia's late emperor Haile Selassie Igziabeher's (God's) manifestation, now in the Occultation. The Rastafarian dreadlocks have come to symbolize the typical reggae artist.
  • Reggae as a musical term first appeared in print with the 1968 rocksteady hit "Do the Reggay" by The Maytals, but there are many different theories as to how the term originated. The 1967 edition of the Dictionary of Jamaican English lists reggae as "a recently established spelling for "rege", as in rege-rege, a Jamaican word that can mean either "rags, ragged clothing" or "a quarrel, a row".
  • Reggae owes its direct origins to the progressive development of ska and rocksteady in 1960s Jamaica. An important factor in this development was the influence of Rastafarian ceremonial music , with Rasta drummers like contributing to seminal recordings, bringing the influence of these rhythmic patterns into the music. Reggae also has African roots.
  • Jamaican producers, as Lee "Scratch" Perry, King Tubby, Bunny Lee and Niney the Observer, and the talented musicians they tied to their recording studios, played a very influential role in the development of reggae in the 70ies. From 1968 to 1990 reggae was mainly studio music, the occurrence of reggae bands and reggae artists who performed live was rare.
  • The 1972 Jimmy Cliff milestone The Harder They Come reached U.K. and U.S. theatres and generated considerable interest and popularity for reggae there. Eric Clapton's 1974 cover of Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff" helped bring the music mainstream. The most important band from 1973 to 1982 was Bob Marley and the Wailers and the reggae style they represented was later to be called roots reggae. Marley and Peter Tosh delivered hit songs like "Get Up, Stand Up", "Legalize It" and "No Woman No Cry". By the mid 1970s, reggae was getting radio play in the UK on John Peel's radio show, who promoted the genre the rest of his career.
  • Reggae became big in England, marked the start of the original skinhead movement, interacted with punk rock and other music in "Rock Against Racism"(RAR) in Thatcher's England and became an integral part of New Wawe music for lots of British bands, as The Police, Blondie, The Clash and Madness. UB40, which made its entrance in 1980, transformed the reggae to the public property worldwide.
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Why is reggae important?

Reggae and the music is for a healing of the nations of this earth. That's the importance.

What is the most important music style in Jamaica?

The most important music in Jamaica is Reggae.

What influence does reggae music have?

the influence that reggae music has is

What are facts about reggae music?

reggae music is from Jamaica it was formed in the late 1960

What type of music is reggae used for?

Reggae is a type of music.

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the rythm of the beat makes it regge.

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how and where did reggae started

What is a reggae skank?

It is a type of Dance you do to Reggae Music.

What is reggae music usually about?

Reggae is ususally about their lives.

What style of music did Bob Marley sing?


Facts about reggae music?

Reggae music was first developed in Jamaica in the late 1960's

Is reggae a food music or clothing?

Reggae is a genre of music. It is usually of moderate, laid-back sounding tempo. Reggae music often involves the predominant use of congas.

How did Bob Marley get into reggae music?

Type your answer here... he decided to get into reggae music because he is a legend :D

Which country did Reggae music originate?

Reggae originated in Jamaica.

How can one star in their own reggae music video?

Reggae music was originated from Jamaica. The word "reggae" was coined around 1960, which means ragged style of dance and music. If someone wants to make his or her own reggae music video he or she must follow the main style of raggae music which is basically done by chanting and emphasize by syncopated beat.

When did reggae music originate?

Reggae originated in the late 90s into the 80s.

Who played reggae music?

West Indians, in reggae's first stages.

What style of music was created by slowing down the reggae beat?

Lover's Rock Reggae

What does roots mean in reggae music?

Reggae Roots means, from Jamaica to St. Lucia, to Ethiopia, and other islands over the seas...Reggae music comes from the carribean. Reggae roots is where it populated from island to island and grew from beyond.

What is a reggae riff?

It's a series of notes popularized in reggae-style music.

How has Reggae music changed over time?

reggae was changed. When bob marley died, it suddenly made reggae popular.

What kind of music did ub40 play?

Reggae.. They played what I like to call "pop-reggae" (as opposed to i.e. roots reggae..)

What is the difference between Reggae and Calypso music?

Calypso originates from Trinidad while Reggae comes from Jamaica. Also, Calypso music has less vocals than Reggae. sometimes Calypso has a bass guitar as well.