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Q: What is the largest short hair hamster?
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Related questions

Can you breed a long hair male hamster with a short hair female hamster?

You can breed a long hair male hamster with a short hair female hamster because it doesn't matter the length. The only thing that matters is the breed and the age,

Your hamster is gold and white with short hair What kind of hamster is it?

that will proberly be a Syrian Hamster or the Golden Hamster.

Can a dwarf and short hair hamster live together?

Probably not

Can 2 short haired hamsters have long haired babies?

It all depends on the genetics in the hamster's parents. It one of the parents are long hair, and one hamster is short hair, the babies could be either long hair or short hair, depending on what the parent's genetics of the male are. If one of the grandparents were long hair, and the other short hair, then there is a equal possibility of both long hair, and short hair.

What is the species of a short hair hamster?

The species of short hair hamsters are the siberian, the djungarian, the robvorosky's, the chinese, the Russian, and the syrian.

Is there a difference between long haired and short haired hamsters?

If you have a short haired hamster you wouldn't have to deal with knots in the hair, a long haired hamster has long hair that you would have to brush everyday. I have a hamster with extremely long hair and i brush everyday. That what keeps knots out of the hair. It also makes it soft. DO NOT CUT ITS HAIR, unless it is used to your hand and will stay very still. If you have a short haired hamster you don't have to brush it as much. Use a soft tipped toothbrush when brushing the fur.

What is a fancy black bear hamster?

a fancy black bear hamster is a calm hamster that great as petz. i have one and he adorable! they a black and and have short cut hair. they are great to have as pets

Do short hair Syrian hamster have pouches?

Syrian Hamsters have pouches, it does not matter how long their fur is.

If a dwarf hamster starts losing hair what do you do?

what do you do if a hamster starts losing hair

How long does it take a hamster give birth short hair?

they can be in hamster labor from 1/2 hour till around 3 hours thats vagly

Can a short hair hamster be kept in a pair of the same sex?

By short hair hamster I assume you mean syrian. Syrians can only be kept alone. In pairs they will fight to the death. At pet stores you see them together because they are young. As they get older and establish territory they will fight.

How can you find out why your hamster has hair loss?

If your hamster has hair loss this could be a symptom of a disease or parasites.

Why does Hamster's hair look pink?

because a hamster's skin is pink

What is the cause of hair loss in a hamster?

Hair loss for hamster may be caused by mites and hamster can get mites by stress ( stress causes the system to lower the security in the body and the rights may get in the hair)

Does a hamster have hair?

uh no they have fur

What rhymes with forebear?

hamster hair!

Can a Short-Haired Syrian hamster mate with a Panda Bear hamster?


How long does it take a baby hamster to get hair?

By the time they open their eyes (around 7 to 10 days) they already have a coat of short hair, it gets thicker and longer as they grow.

Should you buy 2 teddy bear hamsters together?

In the stores they do have more than 2 in a cage. I would just be careful. I had a teddy bear hamster and added a short hair a while after and the teddy bear hamster chased the short hair around and eventually got used to them. Be careful though they may fight

Will there be an infection if hamster hair is lost?

Yes it means that your hamster's skin is moulting.But if he's hair is lost he will not get any infection.

Were is the best place to buy a hamster?

The best place to buy a hamster is Petsmart. They have beautiful cute dwarf hamsters, gerbils, long hair/short hair and Guinea Pigs. They are about 15.00 very cheap and they have a lot of good cheap accessories for you're pet.

How do you know hamsters are clean?

If you have a short haired hamster like a Syrian then it cleans itself. If your hamster is long haired then you have to brush it depending on the length and thickness of its hair. Never bathe your hamster, they hate water and lick themselves to keep clean anyway.

What is the worlds largest dwarf hamster?


What kind of body plan does a hamster have?

a hair soft and unroughness hair

Can you put a short haired hamster in a cage with a long haired hamster?

Yes you can

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