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You must immediately apply for a permanent resident status.

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Q: What is the legal residency status of a foreigner who marries a US citizen during a visit?
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If a US citizen marries a visiting UK citizen in the US would the UK citizen become a US citizen and what would he have to do to become one?

No, the UK citizen would not become a US citizen. First the UK citizen would have to apply through INS for a work permit and perminent residency. The work permit will be issued within month (probably), but perminent residency could take 18 months or more; during which time the applicant would be expected to remain and work in the US (short overseas visits sometimes permitted). Once perminent residency has been established a 'green card' will be issued and 3-5 years after this the immigrant can apply for US citizenship.

If an American Citizen marries a Russian citizen is that person automatically an American citizen?

No, but the Russian may be able to get a green card but might be required to go back home during the paperwork phase.

If a man from Estonia became a US citizen during the cold war could his children left in Estonia be American citizens?

In my experience, it would depend on how much US residency the man has and what date he became a US citizen. Children of US citizens are eligible to derive citizenship from their US citizen parents (jus sanguinis), but the citizen parent must meet age and residency requirements.

How could a foreigner become a citizen in ancient rome?

By speaking at least a little Latin and by doing a civic service for Rome, a foreigner could become a citizen. However there were other ways. For example an entire town or territory could be granted citizenship for various reasons such as loyalty to Rome during a crises and being located on a trade route.

Brazilian woman marries Indian citizen in India during visitos visa can she be Indian citizen?

According to the constitution of India, once if the girl is married to an Indian boy she automatically becomes an Indian. But if she wants to stay in Brazil then she doesn't become a citizen of India.

How much does a Pharmacist make during residency?

A pharmacist makes around 50,000 dollars during their residency. It depends on how large the clinic or hospital is that your residency is in.

How much money does an orthopedic surgeon earn during his residency in Texas?

orthopedic earns 50 thousand during their residency

How much do surgeons make during residency?

About 30,000 a year. Depending where you do residency. Good Luck!

What will happen if you get divorced during the process of becoming a US citizen?

The foreign national has already been granted permanent residency therefore a divorce will not affect his or her being granted US citizenship

Do neurosurgeons make money during residency?

Yes. Neurosurgeons are paid a salary during their residency from their first year (usually called an internship) until their last year of residency. Neurosurgeons usually are paid more and more as they go through the different years of their residency. The respondsibilities increase every year of residency and thus does their salary.

Do cardiologist make money during residency?

Any doctor makes a salary during residency, but it its not nearly the salary they will make in private practice later on.

How much do neurosurgeons get paid during residency?


Do you do your residency for being an ob during your schooling or after all your schooling is completed?

The internship and residency requirements are taken after completion of medical school.

Do you get paid in a residency as a radiologist?

Yes. The average salary is between $50,000 and $70,000 per year, during radiology residency training.

How much does an orthopedic surgeon make during residency?

about 100k

What happen during the years of 595-609?

muhammad marries kadijah

How much do pediatricians make during their residency?

Pediatricians will get paid a stipend to live on while they are doing their residency. The will get paid less than an actual pediatrician and may receive between $30,000 to $45,000 a year, but that will depend on where they do their residency.

Can you live in a hospital during residency?

ask the hospital staff if you can live there

What were concubines during biblical ties?

Basically they were the rulers girlfriends after he marries his wife.

How much do doctors get paid during residency?

around $30 k-$50k

How do you get paid during residency?

Residents are paid a salary from the hospital they complete their residency training at. The salary varies by hospital, but can average between $30,000 and $50,000 per year.

What happens if an immigrant has a child by an American then marries the American 4 years later?

An American citizen has the right to petition for green card for relatives. Once they are married and have their papers ready the US citizen can petition for spouse's green card. Subsequently the kid can also become US citizen or green card depending on the support papers which can be shown for either of them. During the stay in US its very important for immigrant to have papers for a legal and authorized stay in US.

Who actually marries a couple during a mariage ceremony?

the preist or a pastor........................... or if you can please specify your question

What happens after a pediatrician's residency?

They become and attending and can practice medicine in a clinic or hospital in the speciality they learned during residency. They now can supervise fellows, residents, and interns, and are known as the patient's primary doctor.

Do you get paid during residency as an OB-GYN?

Yes. The salary varies from between $30,000 to 50,000 per year, depending upon the residency training program and degree of advancement within the program.