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What is the lyrics to the state song of South Carolina?

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The lyrics to "Carolina",Written by Henry Timrod, Composed by Anne Custis Burgess, the South Carolina State song can be found on the link below.

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What is the state song of South Carolina?

CAROLINA BYWritten by Henry TimrodComposed by Anne Custis BurgessThe state song of South Carolina is a song called Carolina. South Carolina is a state in the United States.

What is South Carolina's State song?

The song, Carolina is South Carolina's state song. It has been the state song since 1911 and South Carolina on My Mind is also the state song.

What is the state song for South Carolina?

Carolina, by Henry TimrodCarolina and Carolina On My Mind.

Why did South Carolina choose the great Carolina wren as state bird?

because of its song

What is the name of a brown songbird?

The name of a brown song bird is a Carolina Wren. The Carolina Wren is native to the Carolina's. It is the State bird for South Carolina.

What should be capitalized in Nothing is Finer than to be in South Carolina?

Unless this is the title of a book, movie, or song, the word finer would not be capitalized. The word Nothing is capitalized as the first word in the sentence, and South Carolina is a proper noun (a state). Of course, the song lyric is actually "Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina" from the song "Carolina in the Morning" (1922).

Where may you locate the song and lyrics Have a Zippideedoodah Day?

Song of the South

What is the techno song at South Carolina games?


What the state song of South Dakota called?

"Hail, South Dakota!" is the official state song of South Dakota.

Who is the artist from orangeburg that sings the rap song roy?

The song "Crank Dat Roy" is by the rap group JQ State House. The group originated in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

What is the US State of Alaska's State song?

The name of Alaska's state song is "Alaska's Flag". The lyrics explain the symbolism of the Alaskan flag.

What is Wyomings state bird and song?

The state bird of Wyoming is the Western Meadowlark. The state song of Wyoming is called "Wyoming." The lyrics to this song are included in the link below.

What is the song with this lyrics?

where is "this lyrics"?Yeah what song even has "this lyrics"?

Do you like the song lyrics?

Some of the song lyrics are so awesome we can relate our life with them and those lyrics are awesome. I love that type of song lyrics.

Who is the author of the song North Carolina Is My Home?

Charles Kuralt / Loonis McGlohonwrote the song together for the North Carolina 400th anniversary celebration! It was a whole album of songs that showed much about the history and gifts NC has and has given to the world. Lyrics showed Charles Kuralt's wit & wisdom about his home state.

What are the lyrics to the convoy song?

The Convoy Song is a song by C.W. McCall. The full lyrics for the song can be found online on many lyrics websites such as Metro Lyrics and Lyrics Freak.

Who wrote Alaska's state song?

Marie Drake wrote the lyrics, and Elinor Dusenbury composed the song.

What is the name of the techno song played during South Carolina games?

Song title is Sandstorm by Darude

Who sings the song in the new Neotel advert in South Africa?

The song is sung by Veronique. The music and lyrics were written by a South African composer, Charles Pantland.

What do you call a song WITH lyrics?

music and lyrics = song music and no lyrics = music

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Lyrics are the words to a song.

Where can the lyrics to September Cry for You be viewed?

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What is the South Dakota state song?

Hail South Dakota

What is South Dakota's state song?

hail! South Dakota

State song of South Dakota?

It is Hail, South Dakota.

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