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What is the main job of the US Congress?

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To make laws for the united states

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the state or us legilature's job is to not make the laws, but suggest main laws to COngress, because only COngress can pass laws.

The main Job of the legislative branch, [Congress] is to make and pass laws. My dad teaches Law and Constitution in high school, and this is what they tell us in School.

The main job of the legislative branch is not pass laws. It consists of the house of representatives, and congress.

Do you mean What Branch? this is the answer: Legislative Branch is Congress. The main job of congress is to make and pass laws.

The primary job of the congress is to create new laws.The primary duty of Congress is to share power with the President in passing laws.

Congress is a part of the Legislative Branch so its their job to make the laws.

The main job of the Supreme Court is to uphold the US Constitution. It is the highest court in the US and its job is to interpret the meaning of the law.

Only Congress can pass bills into law. However, the President can propose laws and work with Congress to get them passed..

Barack Obama was a US Senator from Illinois but is not currently a member of Congress.

There are 3 main powers congress has on the US military

The main function of the US Congress is to make laws. The House and the Senate both have to agree and then the law is sent to the president for signature.

he job of congress is to make the laws

it is about how god tests us in our dally lives and comparing us to job.

the senate and the house of representatives

the main duty of congress

Congress, The Houses of Congress, The Legislature or The Legislative Branch...those will all do the job

His most noted job was representative to the US Congress. In fact he had a fatal stroke while Congress was in session and died in harness so to speak.

He was the first President of Congress under the Articles of Confederation. His main job was to act as corresponding secretary when Congress was not in session. He found the job tedious and tried to resign but agreed to finish out his one-year term .

Legislative Branch or Congress, divided into the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The main duty of congress is to pass laws

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