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What is the maximum length of time for collecting unemployment benefits in New York State?

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2010-11-01 19:44:01

26 weeks of unemployment benefits which can be spaced out over a

year (like if you have a temp job for a few weeks and then go back

to unemployment). This can be followed by 33 weeks of "Emergency

unemployment benefits" and that is followed by about 20? weeks of

"Extended Benefits" unemployment benefits. Once you get past the

initial regular unemployment benefits, you may need to report your

work search efforts in their format every month to continue to get

benefits. If you are able to collect COBRA with the ARRA benefits,

these get impacted as you switch from regular to emergency to

extended. There are also career search services and educational

grants and exemptions you can get. Google New York State

unemployment assistance to get the website / the right area and

look at FAQs. Make sure you read the actual regulations because in

my experience, the representatives give you wrong info on the

phone. Whether you live in NYS or not makes a difference on how

long benefits last and whether you can get more than 2 weeks

extended benefits.


The reference to length of time mentioned above can be found in

the Glossary in the Related link below about New York.

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