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26 weeks of unemployment benefits which can be spaced out over a year (like if you have a temp job for a few weeks and then go back to unemployment). This can be followed by 33 weeks of "Emergency unemployment benefits" and that is followed by about 20? weeks of "Extended Benefits" unemployment benefits. Once you get past the initial regular unemployment benefits, you may need to report your work search efforts in their format every month to continue to get benefits. If you are able to collect COBRA with the ARRA benefits, these get impacted as you switch from regular to emergency to extended. There are also career search services and educational grants and exemptions you can get. Google New York State unemployment assistance to get the website / the right area and look at FAQs. Make sure you read the actual regulations because in my experience, the representatives give you wrong info on the phone. Whether you live in NYS or not makes a difference on how long benefits last and whether you can get more than 2 weeks extended benefits.


The reference to length of time mentioned above can be found in the Glossary in the Related link below about New York.

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What is the maximum length of time you can collect unemployment benefits in Massachusetts?

79 weeks

What is the maximum length of time for collecting unemployment benefits for the state of Missouri?

Most of the states provide Unemployment benefits for standard 26 weeks. However there are exceptions to this and some states provide more and some less than the standard. Missouri provided up to 20 weeks of Unemployment benefit.

What is the maximum length of unemployment benefits including extensions California?

One year, unless it is extended.

Length of unemployment benefits in PA?

Unemployment benefits is payments made to unemployed persons by the government. The length of time a person can receive unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania is 26 weeks.

What is the maximum length of time you can collect unemployment benefits in Michigan?

Not sure about Mich. but in Ohio it is currently 99 weeks!!

What is the maximum length of time to collect unemployment benefits in New Jersey?

Unemployment benefits in New Jersey can be extended 99 weeks to Nov. 30, 2010, according to the Related Link below.

What is the length for unemployment benefits in Illinois?

The length of time that unemployment benefits are available for in Illinois is up to 25 weeks. However, if you are still unemployed after that time, you may be eligible for Emergency Unemployment Compensation.

What is the maximum length of unemployment payments in Texas?


What is the maximum length of time you can collect unemployment benefits?

That depends on what state you live in. The laws vary by state. Also, some claimants can file for a Federal extension when their state benefits run out. Check the unemployment website of the state you live in for further details.

Does the length of employment determine the length of collecting unemployment benefits?

The length of employment and wages earned in that period determine the amount of weekly benefits you qualify for. Depending on the state, benefit pay outs generally range from 13 to 26 weeks, before any extensions, and that period is dependent on the weekly benefits. Each state has it's own criteria for these decisions.

What is the length of time that you can receive unemployment benefits?

The length and amount of benefits available varies by state and prior wage of the unemployed person.

What is the maximum length of time for collecting unemployment benefits in Virginia?

The normal length of time is 26 weeks. EUC (Tier II) extends it another 20 weeks. 1) Regular Unemployment Insurance = up to 26 weeks 2) Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Tier I = up to 20 weeks 3) EUC Tier II = up to 14 weeks 4) EUC Tier III (for states with a TUR of 6.0%) = up to 13 weeks 5) State Extended Benefits (EB) = up to 13 weeks Total = up to 86 weeks

What is length of time to collect unemployment in Illinois?

You may collect unemployment for 26 weeks in Illinois before you exhaust your benefits.

What is maximum length of va unemployment benefits?

While benefits will vary from one jurisdiction to another, the duration of benefits usually range from 12 to 30 weeks, and may cover up to 50% of the persons previous wages up to a limit of about $500 per week.

What is the maximum length of time for collecting unemployment benefits in North Carolina?

The maximum length of time to draw benefits in North Carolina is 26 weeks, whereas the minimum is 13 weeks. The duration of time of benefits is determined by a formula, found in the Related Links below.I can speak for myself, my job went part-time in Jan. 2008 at which time I began receiving unemployment benefits to complement my loss in income. In May 2008, my job ended and I began receiving full benefits, then a second tier of extension benefits. Once that all exhausted, I called and they told me to just keep filing the weekly certification because it resets itself automatically (they don't do it manually). I do that and I've been receiving it up until July 2009. There's an issue with it now, but once I clear it up, it'll continue. I read that NC unemployment benefits will continue, regardless of how long you'd had it, as long as the state's unemployment rate is above 6.1%. There are breaks, however, in between benefit categories. For example, I had to wait 6 weeks one time for the next set of benefits to begin. Hope this helps.

Can you collect unemployment benefits after disability benefits?

This depends on the state's criteria for both, history (and thus qualifications) of the work period, length of time of the disability payments, and time left in the benefit year to collect unemployment.

Length Of Unemployment Benefits?

If you lose your job, you may want to apply for unemployment benefits to help you meet your expenses. Usually, unemployment benefits provide a certain percentage of the income from your most recent job, and they only last a certain number of weeks, varying by state. While most states provide unemployment benefits for just a short time, they can last longer when there are few jobs or difficult economic times. Read on to find out more about obtaining unemployment benefits.How to obtain unemployment benefitsTo obtain unemployment benefits, you first need to have had a job. You should bring proof of your income, whether bank statements of direct deposit or former pay stubs, so that the unemployment office can see your previous income. You may also need to bring proof of your expenses, depending on the state. Then, the unemployment office determines how much money the state can give you in unemployment benefits.How long do unemployment benefits last?Unemployment benefits last different amounts of time depending on the state you live in. Typically, states give benefits for six months, but some states extend benefits. The state expects you to actively look for a job while receiving benefits. As long as you can give proof of doing so, the state cannot cut off your benefits until you reach the maximum time limit. Obviously, your benefits do not last after you find a new job or if you stop looking. Some states you to have living expenses to qualify and cut off your benefits if you do not need to pay rent or a mortgage.Make sure you keep track of any phone calls and interviews you have so you can produce proof of your job hunting. Unemployment provides support for you if you lose your job. In these economic times, where there is a paucity of jobs, many states have extended their unemployment benefits, although most benefits still last six months to a year.

What is maximum length to draw unemployment in Kentucky?

The times for benefits are: Tier I 26 weeks; Tier II 13; Tier III 13; and Tier IV 6 for a total of 58 weeks, potentially. See Related Link below.

What is the length for unemployment benefits in NC?

Extension of unemployment benefits has had a detrimental impact. I have a friend that is able to work, has had opportunity to work, but continues to draw unemployment (by choice) and said will continue until the benefits run out, until he decides to go back to work. Incentive to work has gone out the window when people make out just about as good as working - shame on our government.

What is the maximum length a movie can be?

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Can you collect unemployment benefits if fired for absences due to illness?

Because each state has its own requirements relating to definition, length, etc. you have to contact your own state unemployment office for clarification.

How do you file for an extension for unemployment?

States regulate unemployment benefits and they differ in the length of time, the amount and so forth. That being the case, you would need to contact your local state office for specific information.

Can you draw unemployment as long as you are in college?

Length of time in school is not the determining factor on length of the benefit period. If you otherwise qualify for the unemployment (disregarding school), you usually are entitled to 26 weeks of unemployment compensation, drawn in a period of the benefit period, 52 weeks. This also depends on whether there were any extensions of benefits, such as Tiers II, III, or IV, if any.

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