What is the maximum unemployment benefit amount in Georgia?

Effective July 1, 2007, the minimum is $44 per week. The maximum is $330 for claims filed on or after July 1, 2008. The amount an individual will receive is based on the amount of wages earned in the base period. 100 % would be the maximum
Administering organization: Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL)

Unemployment through no fault of your own.
Either looking for another job, have definite recall to their jobs within 6 weeks of the last day worked, or in approved training.
You must either have earned enough money in the base period to set up a claim.
Base period is the first four of the last five calendar quarters completed at the time you file your claims.

1-You must have earned qualifying wages in at least two of the four quarters in the base period.
2-You must have insured wages totaling at least $1,134 in the two highest quarters of your base period.
3-The total wages in the base period must equal or exceed one-half times the wages in the highest quarter.

Who can apply: Out of work and part time workers

How long can you claim benefits: 6-26 weeks

Weekly benefit amount: $44-$330

(Georgia has uploaded a benefits calculator to their Government website for estimation purposes)