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What is the meaning of a pin from the 631st Tank Destroyer Battalion with a charging rhino and the word indomitable?


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In WWII there were two types of tanks one was a tank destroyer and the other was for cover. The tank destroyer was for Yes killing tanks


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Destroyer of Enimes in the battle field

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invulnerable, indestructible, unconquerable, unbeatable, indomitable, unassailable; impregnable, inviolable; informal bulletproof.

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It is of Hebrew or Jewish Origin meaning 'destroyer' or 'he who oppresses'.

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It is believed to be derived from the greek "pertho(περθω)" meaning "to destroy," and is interpreting as meaning "destroyer."

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ANSWER: Gender - Baby girl name. Origin - Greek Meaning - Husband Slayer; destroyer Origin - Spanish Meaning - No Meaning Form of Deianira ==== ====

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