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What is the meaning of a symbol of an eye with 3 lights around it?

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==new answer== This would be drawing your attention to becoming more aware of how you are using your creativity with what purpose related to what you are perceiving. In language of mind:
light- awareness
3-creativity and or purpose

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Meaning of eye symbol?

The eyes symbol sign is a very common sign with the Illuminati: the eye of Horus. The eye symbol signs basically means the informed ones, people who see the world from the third perspective.

Egypt The symbol meaning life health and vitality?

The eye of Horus

What is the all-seeing eye on us currency?

The all-seeing eye is a symbol that is interpreted to representing the eye of God watching over mankind. It is the Luciferian symbol meaning to have power, control and money.

What is the meaning of eye of horus tattoos?

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health.

In Egyptian mythology what does the Eye of Ra mean?

The Eye of Ra represents a symbol of protection, royal power, and good health in Egyptian mythology. In this culture it is believed that this symbol still has great meaning.

What hazard does the eye symbol represent?

The eye symbol represent an eye wash station.

What does the eye on David Blaine's hand mean?

check google. i heard the eye symbol protects you from the evil eye, negative energy. i think the eye symbol represents the eye of horus. also the illuminati use the eye symbol, but there eye symbol is in a triangle and it is called the all seeing eye.

Is the pyramid with eye is a good symbol or a bad symbol?

It is a good symbol. It is related to enlightenment and sprituality. The eye being called the "3rd Eye".

What is the symbol for eye safety?

The owl is often used as a symbol for eye safety.

What is the medical term meaning around the eye socket?


Eye in the palm symbol?

The eye in palm is an occult symbol referring to divination and palmistry

What channel on a TV is the channel with the symbol of an eye?

The eye symbol is the corporate logo of CBS.

What does Adam Lambert 2 tattoo mean?

the one on top is the Eye of Horus. It is an egyptian sign meaning protection. the one under the Eye of Horus is the infinity symbol.

Egyptian eye tattoos meaning?

The Eye of Ra (the most common Egyptian eye drawn today) symbolizes the all-seeing eye of the sun god Ra. It's like saying "He is always watching you; meaning both watching over you and watching what you do" The Eye of Ra was used as a symbol of protection in many ancient cultures.

What is horus symbol?

An eye known as the "Eye of Horus"

What are the meaning of eyewash sign or symbol?

Eye-wash means pretense , no serious concern showing concern or pretending to be serious about something

Does cao dai have a symbol?

They use the seeing eye as their symbol.

What is the meaning of small dots tattooed completely around the eye sockets?

Stupid canvas

What is the meaning of a pyramid tattoo with the all seeing eye?

The pyramid itself was seen as literally a stairway to the heavens. Egyptian rulers viewed themselves as Gods and the completed pyramid served as a symbol of their ascent to the above. The uncompleted pyramid such as that shown on the US dollar bill was a symbol of a country that was a work in progress. The "all seeing eye" would be borrowed from the Eye of Horus (an Egyptian god) and traditionally serves as a symbol of protection.

What is the literal meaning of blinded eye?

The LITERAL meaning is an eye that cannot see.

What is the symbol to the Hieroglyph of seven body parts in one?

The eye of horusThe Egyptian eyeThe eye of RAThe eye of the Moonit is the eye eye of horus

A word meaning not pleasing to the eye?

The evil eye, is a symbol that is supposed to warn evil spirits away, it is originally a Greek and Turkish symbol, that is often put on necklaces and bracelets, good for the superstitious, it is supposedly a powerful and protective symbol. I have one too, as I am a quarter Greek, it is good to put on loved ones graves, to protect them, and is also very respectful, that's what I did.

What company uses owls eyes for a symbol?

cbs use the eye symbol

What are bright lights on the side of the eye?


What tv channel uses an eye as its logo?

CBS uses the eye as a symbol.