What is the meaning of circle of life?

  • The meaning of the "circle of life" is when you have sex, then you are born you live (have relationships, friends, family, boyfriends, a husband and children), become grandparents and then you die. It's in between all this we learn from others and pass the torch on to the next generation and the "circle of life" starts all over again. Life is a road with some bumpy patches, but hopefully for most of us the road is a smooth one and the odd bump doesn't deter us.
  • In the Lion King it was the simple fact that lions ate the antelope but when the lions died the nutrients in their bodies were absorbed into the earth and eventually got into the grass, which was then eaten by the antelope. In short the circle of life is made of four principal stages 1.- Birth, 2.- Growth, 3.- Reproduction and 4.- Death.
  • The "Circle of Life" refers to the fact that death is not really the end but the seed of some other life. Albert Einstein indirectly spoke of it when he said that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it merely changes form. Most often when one talks about the "Circle of Life" they refer to an animal either becoming food for another or simply decomposing into fertilization for plant life, but everything in existence participates in this great cycle, including Earth itself.