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What is the meaning of the symbols on the coat of arms for county Tyrone?


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I know the red hand is for the O'Neill family who was the head sept of O'Neill clann and during a war with other clanns his hand was cut of off this is now known as the Red had of Ulster. (of course this a short version) but I want to know what what the three leaf symbol above stands for?


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A Coat of Arms is a collection of many symbols representing different aspects of the person or organization for which the Coat of Arms was created.

A coat of arms is an official set of designs and/or symbols belonging to a particular family, institution or political organisation, including state or territory. These symbols are usually arranged around a shield which identify the ancestry of that family line or institution, and involve emblems or other marks which distinguish the coar of arms from others. For example, a country may adopt symbols which are unique to it, such as native animals or plants. There is usually a motto which embodies what that family or institution stands for, and is often uniquely personal.

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The meaning of a coat of arms varies from one to another. Each part of a coat of arms has symbolic value, from color, to the shape, to the items portrayed upon it.

They are symbols or the two countries, France and Spain.

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