What is the medical term meaning an open wound with a danger of contamination because outer layers of skin are badly damaged?

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What is the medical term meaning muscular layer of the heart?

The muscular walls of the heart consist of three major "layers." The bulk of the walls is made up of a layer of cardiac muscle and is called the myocardium. The muscle is enclosed on the outside by the epicardium and on the inside by the endocardium. The heart is also covered completely by a protect ( Full Answer )

What is the medical term meaning through the skin?

Percutaneous This is also known as transdermal, as in medication being absorbed through the skin such as nicotine patches and hormone patches. . trans-dermal dermal means skin.. medical term that means through the skin is transdermal

What is the outer layer of the skin?

The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin covering the exterior body surface of vertebrates. The epidermis provides waterproofing and protection, produces melanin and keratin and maintains the body's hydration levels. The outermost surface of the skin is the epidermis. the epidermis a protective, ( Full Answer )

What is the medical term meaning outer lining of the lung?

The parietal pleura.. Pleura is the outer covering of Lungs The pleurae are the membranes covering the lungs. . The membrane is called the pleura, which is named the parietal pleura for the portion of the membrane covering the inner chest wall and the visceral pleura for the portion of the membran ( Full Answer )

What is the medical term meaning opening?

stomy mean -formation of an opening so for example gastrostomy- it means formation of an opening in the stomach.... Probably incision

What is the medical term meaning wound or injury?

A trauma. Trauma for an injury, laceration for an open wound/cut. i an guessing here, abrasion the word wound means an injury, usually involving division of tissue or rupture of the integument or mucous membrane, due to external violence or some mechanical agency rather than disease. or an injury or ( Full Answer )

What is the medical term meaning absence of an opening?

Atresic or imperforate both mean without an opening. atresia which literally means "without a hold condition". The medical word part - atreto - is used in medical terms like atretoblepharia , atretocystia , atretogastria , etc. A mnemonic story to remember this word part: Your father has b ( Full Answer )

What is the medical term meaning below the skin?

Depending on which layer of the skin, it could be subdermal or subcutaneous (Sub: Under, Cutaneous: The skin). The prefix hypo- means below and the dermis is the bottommost layer of skin. So the medical term for beneath the skin is hypodermic.

What is the medical term meaning yellow skin?

The condition of yellow skin, sclera, and mucous membranes is known as jaundice or sometimes as icterus. It is caused by greater than normal amounts of bilirubin in the blood. Carotenemia can also cause yellow skin. The answer is Jaundice. There are many different forms of this, it causes the skin ( Full Answer )

What is the medical term meaning skin?

epidermis Integument. integumentary Derma or dermal may be the word you are looking for. The scientific name for skin is Epidermis . Epidermis is outer skin, Dermal is the adjective(Like thermal for heat) and integument is sometimes a catch-all term for skin. sharks have what is called dermal visio ( Full Answer )

What is the medical term meaning condition that occurs when an area of heart muscle dies or is permanently damaged because of inadequate supply of oxygen?

Myocardial infarction [MI] (myo = muscle + cardi = heart + al =pertaining to ++ in = within + farc = stuff + on = noun form) isalso known as a heart attack. What sets the MI apart from a cardiacobstruction is that because of the hypoxia (low oxygen) downstreamfrom the blockage, the tissue becomes ne ( Full Answer )

What is the medical term meaning skin changes due to cancer?

Legions I don't think there is a specific medical term for skin changes in cancer, as skin changes may range from increased pigmentation, scaling and crusting of the skin to formation of lumps and nodule and finally ulcerations of the skin

What is the medical term meaning removal of dirt damaged tissue and cellular debris from wound?

Debridement is the manual or surgical removal of dirt, dead or damaged tissue, and cellular debris from a wound. Wet to dry dressings are often used as a form of debridement on pressure sore open wounds, or open wounds from trauma or infection. Some wounds are left often after surgery too and may ( Full Answer )