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What is the metal tab that is used to open cans of soda called?

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Pull tabs, pop tops, stay tabs (also called ecology tabs).

2008-04-26 21:16:50
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Related Questions

What are soft drink cans made of?

Soda cans are made of the metal Aluminum, which is made of the ore called Bauxite.

Are soda cans metal?

They're aluminum, so yes.

What metal is used for the tab of soda cans?

The tabs are aluminum.

What metal is used to make soda cans?

The metal that is used to make soda cans is usually tin. Some companies choose to mix in another type of metal to make it cheaper to produce, but it is usually mostly tin.

What are the main uses of tin?

soda cans ,metal roofs etc

Soda cans are made with this metal?

I would think it is made of Aluminum.

Do all soda cans sink?

No. Cans of diet soda will float higher than regular soda.

What are the plastic things around soda cans called?

Polymer chains

Where can I redeem soda tabs in Hawaii?

You can get it from soda cans, juice cans, and energy drinks..anything the deals with CANS!

When did soda companies start putting expiration dates on soda cans?

Soda companies started putting expiration dates on soda cans in 1983 Soda companies started putting expiration dates on soda cans in 1983

How many empty soda cans does it take to equal a pound?

About 31 soda cans.

How many cans of soda are equal to a 2 liter of soda?

I think... Im pretty sure that it is about 6 cans of soda.

What is that thing called that's on a soda that keeps the cans together?

polymer chains!

What are facts of aluminium?

Aluminium is very important metal. It is used mostly in making utensils. Aluminum is commonly used in production of soda cans. From the periodic table, turns out that Aluminum is the only metal that will effectively form a passivation layer Al2O3 which is found in soda cans to prevent soda from being leaking through the aluminum over time.

How does the carbonation in soda cause the soda cans to corrode?

by ...

What is Pop-Top Can?

soda can or a can that you can open by lifting a metal tab.

How many cans make pound?

32 soda cans

What is a can made of?

Normally cans(soup cans, soda cans, etc.) are made of aluminum.

Where can you sell pull tabs from soda cans?

Any metal recycler will buy them. Contrary to popular belief, tabs off of soda and beer cans do not bring in a lot of money. They are aluminum and would bring in just a few dollars per pound. .

How many cans of soda does the average person drink?

The average person drinks 2,500,000 cans of soda in a lifetime

Why do soda cans spew when shaken?

Soda cans explode because of the gases inside the can, so when shaken the can explodes.

Are soda cans made out of tin?

Soda cans are made of aluminum, although some are made of steel that is plated with tin. Other cans are made from alloys.

What kind of metal containers is soda and other carbonated beverages called?

soda sac

How many soda cans make a pound?

How many soda cans make a pound depends on if they are full or empty. It only takes about 3 soda cans to make a pound if they are full. If they are empty, it will take about 45.

What mineral is a soda can made of?

Although some soda cans are still made from steel (an alloy of iron and carbon), most are now made from the element aluminum (aluminium). Most aluminum metal is refined from the ore called bauxite, a combination of aluminum hydoxides.