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The distance is approx 6000 miles.

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Q: What is the mileage between London England and Sri Lanka?
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How far is it from England to Sri Lanka?

It's approximatley 5413 statute miles from London, England to Colombo, Sri the crow flies.

What is the rate of flight from Sri Lanka to London?

The rate of flight between Sri Lanka and London will depend hugely on the the type of flight. The cheapest is believed to be about 500 pounds.

How long is the flight between London UK and Colombo Sri Lanka?

A typical flight between London, United Kingdom and Colombo, Sri Lanka would have a flying time of about 10 hours, 50 minutes.

What is the flight time from England to Sri Lanka?

AnswerAbout 11 hours without delaythats rubbish it took me 13 and half hours and that had no delay what so everThe flight time between London and Sri Lanka is 11 hours and 25 minutes. The distance between these locations is 5,460 miles.

What is the time difference between sri lanka and England?

5h 30 min

How long is a flight from London to Sri Lanka?

A flight from London to Sri Lanka is 10 hours and 55 minutes

How many air miles is it from Colombo to London?

The air distance from Colombo, Sri Lanka, to London, England, is 5,416 miles. That equals 8,716 kilometers or 4,706 nautical miles.

How many miles London to colombo by air?

The air distance from London, England, to Colombo, Sri Lanka, is 5,416 miles. That equals 8,716 kilometers or 4,706 nautical miles.

Does Sri Lanka have as many people as in England?

The population in Sri Lanka (~22M) is lesser than that in England (~53M) as per 2014 population counts.

Different between Sri Lanka and cuba?

different between sri lanka and cuba

How long does the flight from London Gatwick to Sri Lanka?


What is mia's nationality?

She is from London, but her native country is Sri Lanka.

What country is bigger England or Pakistan?

Sri Lanka

How many hours flight from london to sri lanka?

Minimum 2days

How many days will it take from sri lanka to London?

14 hours.

What countries had colonies in Sri Lanka?

England, Portugal, Holland

Which countries ruled sri lanka before independence?


What is the duration of London to Sri Lanka flight?

Departure point: London, United KingdomDestination point: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri LankaEstimated flight duration: 10 hours, 46 minutes

How far is Hawaii from Sri Lanka?

Sri lanka is a Asian country. there is a huge distance between sri lanka and hawai.

How far is sumatra to Sri Lanka?

Sri lanka is a Asian country. there is a huge distance between sri lanka and Sumatra.

What is the best route to fly from England to Sri Lanka?

London Heathrow (LHR) to Colombo (CMB) nonstopby Srilankan Airlines Flt 510. Flight Duration: 10hr 45min (also the cheapest).

Who is Wisden Cricketer of the year 1999?

Ian Austin (England) Darren Gough (England) Muttaih Muralitharan (Sri Lanka) Arjuna Ranatunga (Sri Lanka) Jonty Rhodes (South Africa)

Where was Indiana Jones and the temple of doom filmed?

San Francisco California, Hong Kong China, & Sri Lanka

Body of water between sri lanka and India?

The body of water between the country of India and Sri Lanka, is the Palk Strait.

Does the flight from London to Sri Lanka fly over the Himalayas?

No. The flight path from London to Sri Lanka passes over Afghanistan and Pakistan, and curves round the western edge of India instead of over northern India and the Himalayas.