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it is the minimum number of shares applied for in a new issues of a joint stock

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Q: What is the minimum subscription of a public joint stock company?
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Minimum subscription in public joint stock company?

the smallest number of shares or securities that may be applied for in a new issue is known as minimum subscription.

What is the full form of PJSC?

Public Joint Stock Company, or Private Joint Stock Company

SAOG means what in Oman?

An SAOG is also a joint stock company, but the minimum capital required for this type of company is 2 million

Example of joint stock company?

A joint stock company is an enterprise that has been partly financed by equity raised through the public. Some examples of well-known joint stock companies are Apple Inc., Starbucks and Google.

Is government company and Public company are two different companies?

yup a public company is very much different from a govt. company,in a govt. company 51%of the share is held by central govt. or state govt. and remaining 49%is held by other joint ventres or even by some public cmpany.

What was the joint stock company that started Virginia?

the London stock company was a 'joint' stock company with the Virginia stock company

What is a joy stock company?

A joint stock company is a business that is owned by more than one owner and has had a percentage stake held by public investors. Public investors purchase a stake in the company by buying ordinary shares through a stock exchange.

Use joint-stock company in a sentence?

The Virginia Company was a joint stock company, in which investors bought shares.

Joint between public symphysis?

The joint between the pubic symphysis is a cartilaginous joint and also a gliding joint.

What is a good sentence using joint-stock company?

the first joint stock company was build in the 1606.

An example of a joint stock company?

Virginia company

An example of a joint stock company is the company?

One form of a company is a joint stock company. Here stockholders have the same privileges and responsibilities as in an unlimited partnership.

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