What is the most accurate 22 rifle made?

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1- M4A1

2- M16

3- M4

4- HK 416

5- Hk 36C

6- Hk 36k

7- AK47

8- HK G3


10- Tavor Assault rifle

11- Magpul Masada

12- AR-10

13- M-110 Sniper Rifle

14- M249 SAW PARA

15- 50 Beowulf

16- XM8 Assault Rifle

17- 6.5 Grendel Alexander Arms

18- Barrett .50 cal sniper

19- Ak 74

20- M16A1

21- Dragunov (SVD)

22- Beretta LTLX7000

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Q: What is the most accurate 22 rifle made?
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What is the most accurate 22 mag rifle?

Custom built

Which gun is more accurate pumpmaster 760 or 22 rifle?

it depends on the model .22, in most cases the .22 will be more accurate because of the superior rifling in the barrel

Most accurate 22 semi auto rifle?

Impossible to answer as asked. Factory or custom?

Longest shot ever made with a 22 magnum rifle?

Accurate and effective to about 175-200 yards.

What is the most accurate 22 target rifle made?

Some would say Anschutz, others would say Remington, others would say Walther.

What is the effective range of a 22 rifle?

"Accurate" to 0-50 yards

Can you put 22 rifle bullets in 22 pistol?

No you can not. Rifle rounds are longer than pistol rounds, which is part of the reason they are so accurate.

Is there such thing as 22 rifle?

Yes, the.22 caliber rifle is perhaps the most common firearm in the US. The .22 cartridge is also used in handguns. Search Wilipedia for .22 Long rifle, and it will have information on the cartridge used by rifles and handguns. I have about 30 different .22 caliber rifles in my collection- they are accurate, inexpensive, ammuntion is not expensive, they have very little recoil, and my grandkids like to shoot them.

Who made the trailblzer 22 long rifle simi auto?

Iver Johnson made the Trailblazer semi auto .22 rifle

What is the most powerful 22 rifle?

.22 magnum

Winchester 22 rifle?

Winchester made many rifle models chambered in several .22 calibers.

What are the most popular 22 long rifle models used today?

the most popular .22 long rifle today is the ruger 10/22

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