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Uaually by plane actually. Trains are usually more expensive and buses aren't safe enough. Book the flight well in advance and be flexible about the date and time. This will help get the cheapest ticket. Also let the airline know when you purchse the ticket that it is for a child and they will help make sure he is safe, doesn't miss any connecting flights and finds his way around the airport okay. And get him an ID at the DMV airlines like photo IDs and it will make boarding much much easier for everyone.

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Q: What is the most affordable way to send a 9-year-old child to visit a relative in another city?
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At what age may a child live with another relative?

If the child does not have parental consent to move in with this relative, then the relative would have to petition the court for custody/guardanship.

Can father lose rights if he doesn't pay child support?

yes, he can even lose the child to another relative

Can a relative get custody of a child who lives in another state if the child is being abused or neglected?

Yes. * Maybe. The relative would have to request an investigation from the department of children and family services in the state where the child resides. If the investigation warrants the child being removed from the family home the relative can then petition the court for guardianship rights.

Can a relative of a child take away legal guardianship of that child from the other relative if the child is in no harm and being cared for?

yes, if that relative is the mother or father of the child, or the quardian is determined to be unfit to serve.

Who is responsible if a child opens a door and hits another car with car door?

The parent or responsible adult operating the vehicle and in charge of the child, like the sitter or another friend or relative.

Is it legal for a relative to give a child to a another relative without the courts being involved?

well, it depends. in some countries this matter is allowed. it depends on which country you live in.

Can a child be put into relative foster care?

Yes if the relative is approved.

Can a noncustodial blood relative get welfare for your child living in there GA home?

yes, under the specified relative rule. Department of family and children services will give beneifts to the child's blood relative without proof of legal custody or legal guardianship. Then they will transfer the case to the office of child support to sue the custodial parent. DFACS does not care if relative is harboring a runaway or reason child is in relative's care. If you locate your child and have them back in your home, office of child support will still sue you until the relative closes it's welfare case.

Does a father have to pay child support to the mother if the child is no longer in her care?

If a Grandparent or another relative has the child, the support should go to them , and you may need to amend any custody and visitation issues as well.Talk to a lawyer.

Does a relative of the child have to be called a babysitter?


Can a child get herpes from another child?

A child can get herpes from another child.

If mother remarries and stepfather adopts the child and changes the last name on the birth certificate does the child become a blood relative?

The only way you are a BLOOD relative is if you have the same blood line. You can't change a persons biological parents. If the step father adopts the child, then the child is by law their child and a family member, but not a literal blood relative.

Can a child at age 18 leave home to live with another adult relative in alabama?

The age of majority is 18 in Alabama. Yes, they can move out and live where they wish.

Is it good for a child of God to marry his relative?


Can a relative file for custody of a child?


What is a dependent?

A qualifying child or qualifying relative.

Can you file your girlfiends child on your tax return?

No - doesn't make it as a qualifying child or relative

Can you claim an adult child as a dependent?

As long as they meet the qualifying child or relative tests, yes.

How much money to give at a baptism?

As in every situation, you give what you can comfortable afford. If the child is a close relative, you give as generously as possible and as your heart dictates. If the child is a friend's child, you might not give as much as you would your own relative.

Why do women have to pay child support?

Women have the same obligation to support their children as men if the child does not reside with them. Parents are responsible for the financial support of their children. For example, the child may reside with the biological father or another relative. In that case, the mother would be responsible for paying child support if the court entered a child support order.

Is it illegal for letting someone claim your child on their taxes?

They can only do so if the child is a qualifying child or relative anyway...and they provided the support.

What are the chances of a maternal uncle getting of his niece from unmarried parents who are endangering her by not tending to her well being?

Taking a child from her parents, married or not is irrelevant, is not something they do easily. If she is in any type of danger it should be reported to the Child Protection Service so they can investigate. Where the child will end up if removed from home is up to the judge. It could be the uncle if he is suitable or another relative. If no relative is found it will be foster home.

Does child support stop if the child lives with his grandma but is supposed to be living with his mother?

Court ordered child support is to be paid to the person that is caring for the child. If there is a dispute over who that person should be, it is a matter for the court to decide not the parent paying the support. The fact that the child may move in with another relative is not legal grounds for stopping support payments.

If two parents sign their rights away can the mother collect back child support?

Yes, if it was owed to her (i.e., not to another relative or the State as reimbursement for assistance provided). There is no statute of limitations on collecting past-due child support.

Who has rights to the child if one parent leaves the house where the child lives?

The second parent or closest relative