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What is the most common food staple in the world?

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What is the most consumed food in the world?

Rice is a staple food for India and China. It is by far the most consumed food in the world.

Rice is the staple food for over half the people in the world What is meant by that statement?

Rice is the most common food that over 50% of people in the world eat off of to survive.

What is a staple food in Asia?

A staple for most countries is.... Rice!

What is the staple food of Iran?

irans most staple food are kababs joke lol

What is the staple food for the philipppines?

The most widely consumed staple food in the Philippines is rice.

What does a staple food do?

A staple food is a food that you consume the most, or is the base of everything you cook. For example in both Japan and China you may say that rice is a staple food.

What is the staple grain of the world?

The main staple grain of most of the world is rice.

What are the staple foods of Iceland?

Cheese and butter are two common staple foods of Iceland. The most common staple meat in the diet of the people is fish.

What are the most common crops grown in the southern region?

long-staple cotton and short-staple cotton plants were the most common crops.

What is the most profitable crop in the world?

Corn is considered to be the most profitable crop in the world and is a staple food for many countries. It is also used for ethanol.

What is the most eaten food?

The food that is most common around the world would be rice.

How do Indians adapt to their Arctic environment?

the indians adapted to their arctic environment by fishing for their staple food.FYI staple means the most important food

An important food staple of Germany is?

The most common meat in German cuisine is pork and the most common vegetable/starch is the potato, although beef, wheat, asparagus and cabbage are also rather commonly found.

What food is staple diet for Australians?

Standard meat and vegetables, along with bread, are part of the staple diet of most Australians.

What country eats the most rice?

China since this is their staple food.

What does staple food consumed mean?

It means the main food consumed. In other words, it is the most popular food.

What is the Most common food eaten in the medieval world?


What is the main staple food eaten in Italy?

Pasta is still eaten by most Italians every day. Fresh ingredients are a staple for Italians.

What is the most common beetle?

The common black ground beetle is the most common beetle in the world. They are not dangerous and help to balance the food web.

What is the staple food of Iceland?

Fish and lamb mostly, although most restaurants have lots of American food now.

Which answer is the most important staple food for people living in South and East Asia?


What is the main food of karnataka?

Rice is the staple food.Mysore pak is the most popular sweet.

What does Mexico eat the most?

Maiz. It has been the staple food since ancient times.

What grain is the most important staple food for people in south and east Africa?


What is Zimbabwe's staple food?

The staple food in Zimbabwe and for most of Southern Africa is Maize, also called "Sadza". The grounded maize corns are mostly cooked like a porrige and eaten with meat and/or vegetables

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