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the best way. is to use a mini cam so there is no guess work in where the problem is.This can be done by most plumbers for about $85.00 which in turn can save hundreds of dollars in repairs by knowing the exact location

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When you turn on the ac it link s inside your car on to the carpet 1994 Saturn?

A/C drain line is plugged. Clean out the drain line, located passenger side, near the firewall, under the car. A/C drain line is plugged. Clean out the drain line, located passenger side, near the firewall, under the car. A/C drain line is plugged. Clean out the drain line, located passenger side, near the firewall, under the car.

What does it mean if your toliet is clogged and water is coming up through the tub and shower drain?

It means that your main drain line is clogged downstream from where your drain from your tub ties into your toilet drain and the problem can be a hundred of different reasons. The first thing I would check is your clean out (if you have/find one) outside of your home usually within 2 to 5 feet from your outside wall. If you do find the clean out then take off the clean cover and see if your clean out pipe is full of sewage ( becareful of taking off clean out cover because it might have a lot of pressure behind it if clogged) If you can not find a clean out then if possible wait till the tub drains and then use a shop vac to vacuum out the toilet and then pull the toilet and snake down the toilet drain or if you find a clean out then snake down the clean out. When you run a snake down the clean out or toilet drain if possible run water down it too while you snake the drain line. Most drain lines do not plug up if they are plumbed in right which means have the right grade and have the right fittings so back to your question this could be possible that you have a problem in your drain line and I would (after you clear the line) check it with a camera other wise you might have to snake out your drain line often.

How can you clean out clogged drain line from roof vent to kitchen sink when you cannot open the cleanout?

Take your snake on the roof and clean the drain from the vent.

Why does water accumulate on the floor of your 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan when the AC is on?

A/C condenser drain line is stopped up. This is allowing the water to enter the cabin. Crawl under the van and find the drain line. Usually located near the firewall passenger side. Clean out the drain tube.

How do you clean an evaporator drain line in a home ac unit?

Hook a Wet/Dry vac (with the filter removed) to the outside drain line. This will allow you to suck the drain line clean and remove any water/algae/debris from the line. As a maintenance item, you may want to pour 1/2 c of household bleach into the drain line downstream of the drip pan to minimize the future growth of algae. Do both of these items yearly to keep problems from recurring.

Deference between floor drain and floor cleanout?

Floor is sloped toward floor drain for draining. Floor cleanout is level with floor and is used to clean out drain line.

Who made use of the assembly line to make his factory highly effecient?

of the assembly line to make his factory highly efficient?

What is a condensate line in a furnace?

its the drain line for water to drain

How do you clean the ac drain line in a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

drill hole in lower circular part of the ac box ubder the carpet and clean out then plug

how to locate clean out drain my house was built in 1963 I have no clue where to look.?

To clean out the main drain line, find the clean-out plugs located on the large drain pipes. Look for these plugs on the vertical pipes in your basement or crawl space. In some houses these drains may be located in a garage or pantry closet, or there may be access to these plugs outdoors along the foundations of your house. Usually these pipes will be vertical, but occasionally a plug may be located on a horizontal pipe.

How do you change tub drain to toilet drain?

You dont. A tub drain is too small for a toilet drain. You need to hire a professional to find a main line 3" or bigger to tie into for a toilet drain.

How do you unplug an AC drain line on a 1996 Ford Escort?

Crawl under the vehicle and find the drain line. Use a small blunt object like a pencil to unclog it.

How do you unclog an AC drain line?

There is a pan to collect the water. You could use compressed air to blow out the line, but you should take off the cover at the coil and clean the pan and coil. Also if you use compressed air, don't over do it. The pressure could blow off the drain line. You can use a product called Mighty Pump if the drain line comes out outside the home. You attach the Mighty Pump hose to the drain line and pump it a few times and it will suck out the line from the drain pan out which cleans the whole line. It has a lot of suction power and uses no electric. I

Where is pt crusier condenser drain line located exactly?

The condenser does not have a drain line. The evaporator drain is on the lower passenger side of the firewall.The condenser does not have a drain line. The evaporator drain is on the lower passenger side of the firewall.

What is a clean out drain and Can I drain an outdoor sink by using a tee?

A clean out drain is actually any fixture or clean out plug /cap that will allow access to a waste or soil line and having an out door sink connected to this type of system may be forbidden by local codes as venting is a problem, trapping is another and winter freeze ups possibly Tees in general are used strictly for clean outs and not connecting any waste to it as the TEE will not drain at a right angle to the waste

Water backs up into tub when washer empties?

The main line drain is clogged or septic yank needs clean out.

How do you find a rear AC water leak in a 1996 Chevy Suburban?

The A/C is supposed to leak water. This is condensation, and is normal. Now if you are saying it is leaking inside the vehicle, then the drain line is clogged. Find the drain line and unclog it.

How do you fix a dripping water under the dashboard on passenger side from air conditioning on 2000 Grand Vitara?

The condensor drain line is stopped up. Clean out this line.

1991 Nissan Sentra has water leaking in the car after you turn on your AC How do you know whats wrong with it Can it be a hose or is it something worse And where do you take your car to get it checked?

The A/C Condensor drain line is stopped up. Clean out this line and the water will drain under the car instead of inside the car. It is located somewhere near the firewall, passenger side. Crawl under the car and find the hose. Use a blunt object such as a pencil to clean it out.

Can the drain for your toilet enter the waste line before a sink and shower?

Yes, as long as drain line is sized properly for toilet. 3" drain line would be minimum pipe size for toilet drain line to tie into.

Can you install a new drain line into an existing drain line clean out with a t fitting?

If your thinking of sleeving the pipe it is not a great idea..Ideally replace the defective piping as drainage systems are designed by fixture units and reducing the pipe can cause major problems

Where is and how do you unclog the drain for the AC evaporator on a 2002 Town Country Water is soaking the carpet on the right side?

Crawl under the vehicle and find the drain line. Use a unsharpened pencil to unclog the line. Be careful not to put a hole in the line.

What do you do to stop water from leaking onto the passenger floorboard when the air conditioner is operating?

The condensor drain tube is clogged. Find the drain line and unclogg it.

Why does the water from the washer come up in the kitchen sink?

Kitchen sink and washer use same drain line. Drain line clogged causing backup of drainage from washer into kitchen sink. Have drain line unclogged to take care of problem. If drain line not clogged, check for proper venting of drain lines.

Does the kitchen drain go to the building drain line?