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What is the most popular product of Germany?


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Cars, merc, BMW n all good cars


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The most popular in germany is pop or rock

To be honest, the most popular product is beer.(Bier in German)

The most popular product is the hersheys bar itself it's been popular since 1857.

Beer is the most popular drink in Germany. Coffee is the most popular drink in Germany, with an average per capita consumption of about 150 litres per year (Deutsche Kaffeeverband, 2010)

In England and Germany, the most popular food is curry.

The most popular professional league...the TischTennis Bundesliga is played in Germany.

Well its hard to know but beer is the most popular drink in Germany.

The most popular drink in Germany is beer.

The most popular spectator sport is football.

Andrea Is the name of girls & Andreas is the name of a boys most popular in Germany

Football (Soccer) is the most popular sport in Germany.

Germany is home to many of Europe's most beautiful scenery. Some of the most popular places to visit in Germany include the Leipzig.

Germany has several popular foods. A few of the most popular foods are currywurst, kohlroulade, aachener printen, and pellkartoffeln.

Adolf Hitler of course.

Soccer (German: Fussball) is the most popular sport in Germany.

the most popular name or the name that people name their child's the most is Mohammad.the most popular name the most popular name in Germany for a girl is mohanitay.the most popular name the most popular name is Sarah with an h

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I'm not sure about the most popular brand, but some areKoenig PilsenerDiebels...

Some of the most popular cars in Germany are the volkswagen polo, golf and passat, the opel corsa, astra and vectra and the Mercedes C and E class.

The most popular digital camera in Germany can be divided into a variety of cameras from point and shoot to professional. Right now, the title is held by the Instar.

Tennis is popular in germany.

The Lamborghini is popular in 2 countries to my knowledge. and they are Germany and Italy.

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