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depends on if your looking for a regular work truck or just wondering who has the most powerful diesel. If your looking for a work truck that is new or used it doesn't matter, the Dodge cummins diesel has always been more powerful and longer lasting in terms of the engine and pulling capabilities. The most powerful diesel built for pulling is owned by scheid diesel motorsports, its a cummins diesel that's putting out somewheres around 1600 hp and 2200 ft lbs torque.

WRONG!!! Dodge diesels are not good. Dont get me wrong Cummins is by far one of the best diesels ever made but there transmissions cant hang. Chevy has the fastest diesel and overall best diesel in the new diesel market but the 7.3 liter 1994.5 to 2003 Ford powerstroke diesels are the best on the road. I have had 12 valve cummins and 24 valve cummins all were good engines but had weak transmissions. My fords have never let me down. EVER! I hate the 6.0 liter engines and the new 6.4 liter is the worst yet but trust me hands down the 7.3 is the longest lasting diesel on the road today. If you don't belive me look it up.

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What is the most powerful diesel locomotive?

The DDA40X, with 6,600 horsepower is the most powerful diesel locomotive, although a gas-turbine unit locomotive has 8,500 horsepower.

What trucks are recommended for diesel truck pulls?

It depends where one looks but a frequently recommended truck for diesel truck pulls is the Ford diesel truck but does cost nearly $60,000. Also recommended are the GMC diesel truck and the Dodge diesel truck.

What is the most fuel efficient muscle car?

diesel will be powerful

Is gas cheaper, overall, when using a diesel truck?

In most areas of the country, regular gasoline and diesel are about the same price. Therefore a diesel truck will have similar operating expenses to one that uses regular gasoline.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a diesel truck?

The advantage of a diesel truck is that diesel burns more efficiently than regular gasoline. However, parts and service for a diesel truck are sometimes higher.

What is the most powerful truck in the world?

Volvo FH16 750hp

where can i buy a diesel truck in tennessee?

You can buy any diesel truck in Tennessee from any auto dealer that focuses on selling trucks. Diesel trucks are very common nowadays and most dealers will carry these types of models.

Use diesel in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.My car cannot use diesel gasoline.Her car is a diesel.The truck runs on diesel.There was a truck powered by a diesel engine.

What kind of HEET can be put in a diesel truck?

You can only use the fuel oil in the diesel truck.

Which type of pickup truck can haul the most?

Chevrolet and frieghtliner are the two most knows pick up trucks to haul the most. However,the 2011 GMC Sierra Denali HD has an outstanding 6.6L Duramax V8, the Most Powerful Diesel in an HD Pickup.

How do you install alternator on 2000 Ford diesel truck?

how do you install alternator on 2000 Ford diesel truck

Who makes the most powerful diesel pickup truck?

In March, 2010 GN unveiled it's new 6.6 liter Duramax diesel. This behemoth will produce 397 horsepower and 765 ft-lbs of torque. It shall come in the 2011 GNC Sierra Denali HD.

How many fuel injectors does a diesel truck have?

A diesel truck has as one fuel injector for each cylinder. So a v8 diesel has 8 injectors.

What are the three most powerful 4x4 diesel cars?

The three most powerful 4x4 diesel cars are the JCB Dieselmax, the Audi Q7, and Ford's Super Duty. They are ahead of the pack due to the type of engines they have that afford them better power.

Correct antifreeze for 2006 dodge diesel truck?

correct antifreeze for 2006 dodge ram diesel truck

What are the advantages and disadvantages of diesel trucks compared with gasoline powered trucks?

An advantage of a diesel truck is that it will run cleanly in your truck, but a disadvantage is that diesel is expensive. So if you can afford a higher quality truck I say go for it.

What is the most economical diesel pickup truck?

94-98.5 dodge cummins 12 valve

Where is the oil pressure regulator on a ford f350 diesel truck?

where does the oil pressure regulator on a ford f350 diesel truck

Is diesel an adjective?

It can be. noun - Put some diesel in the truck! adjective - Our car has a diesel motor.

What kind of combustion engine does a truck use?

Depends on the vehicle. if you mean Heavy truck like a eighteen wheeler or dump truck then most of them use Diesel engines. If you mean light duty truck like a 1500 Chevy or dodge or f150 its gasoline. If heavyer then that it could be either gas or diesel.

What truck brand ford or dodge or Chevy has the most powerful and reliable transmission and engine?

The Ford F-150 has the most powerful and reliable transmission and engine.

What type of gas do you use in a disel pickup truck?

Typically, you put diesel gas into a diesel pickup truck, because regulation gas just isn't good enough for your environment ruining, gas guzzling truck. Diesel gas is absolutely necessary for your truck.

What kind of a car is a Chevy 2500?

A Chevy 2500HD Silverado is a heavy duty pick up truck. The car can be used for towing other cars, or transporting heavy items. It comes with a 6.6L Turbo Diesel V8 with 397 horsepower engine and it is the most powerful truck Chevy builds.

Is the Chevy Duramex a diesel truck?

The Chevy Duramex is considered a diesel truck. The duramex is a V8 diesel engine that has 397 Horse Power and 765 feet of torque. This truck is estimated to get 680 miles per tank of gas.

Can you run tractor trailor diesel fuel in your diesel pickup truck?

if it is dyed diesel then no it is agents the law