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What is the most truth religion in the world?


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October 07, 2010 10:17PM

all religions have a basis of of truth and myth. Christianity has been proven more than the Islamic religion because Islam does not show much evidence through pictures or by images of there prophets of there religion. on the other hand Islam shows much more strength and power than the other two monotheistic religions. Islam built upon Judaism's most holiest sight of the once great Solomons temple. The three religions do not tell everything about the secrets of life in there texts. there is a gap in all three religions that won't be filled until the coming of the end of days or the return of there once great prophets. all religions are silent until that day. for now there must be peace for all religions so stop this fighting until a new world is born a world of the basis of religion and peace. science will not solve everything. today everyone talks about technology. but one day people will realize technology is destroying them slowly. One day we might become god and not even know it till the day comes.