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What is the most useful language for business?


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Probably Chinese (Mandarin) or Japanese. If you started with Japanese it would be a little bit easier.

Answer2: Better learn Spanish, look at the second language on EVERYTHING, it is written in Spanish.


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The first language that is best for business is English. The next most useful language for business is Russian since Russia is filled with very wealthy people who are hungry to do business.

Most business majors learn Chinese or Japanese so it's your pick really.

English is the official International language for all business communication and all airline communications therefore it is the most useful language to learn as a second language.

Formal language is the most appropriate language when writing a business letter.

In South and Central America, the most useful languages are Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. In North America the most useful languages are English, followed by Spanish and French

The most common language of business is English. While the most common language of diplomacy is French. The most widely spoken first language in general in the EU is German.

Accounts is the language of business. It records and processes the business transactions and generates useful information for the managers and stockholders. Reference:

Answer- Study of computer courses are useful for business management study. Internet marketing course can be most useful for bachelor of business management students because today almost every business give importance to promote their products and services via internet.

1. English 2. Chinese

The contents of business English mainly include useful phrases and vocabulary used in professional business transactions. This is commonly used across the globe as the standard communication which eliminates the language barrier.

accounting is a language of business how?

Maybe because French is the second most used language in the business world

I would check your local schools for business degree programs. That would be the most helpful and useful thing in learning how to start your own business.

Pretty much any business. They can used for inventory control, finance purposes, employees, etc.

yes it is a very big language because most of the population speaks english.It is a hard language to learn.So is spanish.

Mandarin Chinese most likely has more native speakers than any other language. The international language of business and trade, however, tends to be English.

French is the second most important language in business and in government globally. It is an official language spoken by many leaders in the European Union.

English, Chinese, Spanish. In that order

English is the language of business. German is the language of science. French is the language of diplomacy and cooking. Italian is the language of classical music. Most Europeans speak between two to four languages.

Robert Lenoir has written: 'The\\\Language of Business Dictionnaire Commercial et Economique Bilingue' 'The language of business' -- subject(s): Business, Business English, Business French, Dictionaries, Economics, English, English language, French, French language

bussiness language is accounting

The most useful would be English. The Mediterranean spans several countries, so it depends on where you are living. The most common languages along the Mediterranean are:GreekItalianTurkishArabicHebrewNone of these languages are a lingua franca, and will only be useful in the regions they are spoken. If you're looking for a language that will work all over the Mediterranean, your best bet is English.

An online reservation service is extremely useful for a business. Making reservations online is the most efficient way and much less time consuming than using the phone or making reservations in person.

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