What is the most you should ask for babysitting one 8 year old child?

This is a harder question to answer then one might guess. It largely depends on where you live, what other things you are asking your babysitter to do (IE pick up drop off at soccer camp, clean the house, make dinner), how often (you pay someone more to do it as a regular job rather then on an occasional Friday night), how well behaved your child is, and what the going rates are in your neighborhood.

If this is a regular job then to get someone good I would say ten dollars an hour. If you need to save money I would recommend trying to find someone else with similar needs that you can share the cost with. If you pay ten for one then you probably could get two kids watched for 12-13 per hour. Split that and then you are only out 6 or seven a piece. Its the time for the babysitter that usually makes the initial cost so expensive.