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The spark plug wire(s) .

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Q: What is the name for the part that provides connection from ignition coil to spark plugs?
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Spark plugs cause the ignition in Diesel engines?

No, spark plugs do not cause ignition in diesels. The fuel compression causes ignition

What is the life of spark plugs in a 2002 GM V6 electronic ignition?

Platinum spark plugs, 100K. Standard spark plugs, 50K.

Is an ignition module the same as a ignition coil?

No. The coil provides the spark and the module tells the coil when to spark.

What type of engine uses compression ignition as it has no spark plugs?

a diesel engine uses compression and has no need of spark plugs

Where are the ignition coils on the dodge magnum?

On top of the spark plugs.

How do you replace spark plugs on a 1999 ford Expedition?

remove the ignition coils on the intake and they are underneath it. your vehicle has distributorless ignition, therfore there aren't any spark plug wires, instead it has individual ignition coils with the spark plugs directly underneath them.

What does the coil do on the 1993 s-10 pickup?

Provides spark for the spark plugs.

Why is there no spark going to your engine?

There are a number things that can cause no ignition spark. A typical ignition system consists of an ignition module, ignition coil, some type of stator or pickup (distributer pickup, crank sensor, etc), plug wires that carry secondary ingition fire to the plugs(some have no wires, but individual coils directly on top of the spark plugs), spark plugs, wiring that provides primary power to the componets, wiring that provides grounds to the system, and some cars have a distributer(though distributers have been getting phased out for about the last 10-15 years). Anything at all in that system that has failed will cause no spark to one or more cylinders.

How does a waste spark ignition system fire the spark plugs?

The polarity reverse at each firing

Why spark plugs should be clean?

If there is any residue on the spark plug, it will not produce a sufficient spark for the engine ignition.

Where are the spark plugs in an Isuzu engine?

hello the spark plugs are ressed into the valve covers follow the wires from the ignition coil packs. thx

Why diesel doesn't have electric ignition system?

No spark plugs in a diesel.

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