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What is the name of Vietnamese currency?

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Vietnamese Dong

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More to the point : What is name of Vietnamese currency ?

The currency for Vietnam is Dong

the Vietnamese currency is called the dong.

Vietnamese Dong, and every note has a picture of Ho Chi Minh on

the vietnamese đồng

Vietnamese people do ... it's part of their monetary currency!

100 US Dollar = 1,967,341 Vietnamese Dong 100 Vietnamese Dong (VND) = 0.005083 US Dollar (USD)

Duc ' Giehova is the Vietnamese name for Jehovah.

No, Anna is not a vietnamese name.

The Low Value Currency in The World is Vietnamese Dong, USA 49/- India 1/- Indonesia 0.045 Vietnamese Dong 0.0023 And The Highest Currency in The World is Kuwait approximately 175/- According to Indian Currency . I Have an Hobby Of Collecting Currency, at present i have 16 countries Paper Notes & Coins

The Vietnamese name, Thao is stretched out in the Vietnamese language. It is pronounced, "T-ow." It is hard to pronounce if you are not naturally accustomed to speaking the Vietnamese language.

The name Linh is actually a Vietnamese and Chinese name but the name Linh is used in Vietnamese most. Linh is also a Chinese name but it is spelled Lin instead of Linh.

Russel is the same in Vietnamese as it is in English.

The Vietnamese royal familys last name is Nguyen.

Vietnamese name their children just like any one else would name their children. The order of the childrens' name in Vietnamese would start off with the last name first, then middle name followed by the first name.

5000 Vietnamese dong is equivalent to 0.23615 US dollars. 5000 Vietnamese dong is equivalent 0.174586 Euros. The Vietnamese dong has been the official currency of Vietnam since 1978.

There might not be a translation for that name; refer to a Vietnamese dictionary.

I don't think "Nim" is Korean or Vietnamese. Now if you meant "Kim" then it could be Korean or Vietnamese.

Yuan is the name of china's currency

The name Anna is simply "Anh" in Vietnamese. It is pronounced "un".

Tra my is just a name in vietnamese. If you had symbols on the name, it might have a meaning but not all names have a meaning. For example, if your name was trà my, the trà means tea but the my part has no meaning that I know of. My vietnamese name doesn't have a meaning. It's simply a name I was given at birth.

The currency name of the Kuwait is Kuwait dhinar.

my name is = Tôi tên là ...

It is a Vietnamese name that means "virile".

As per February 6, 2012 1 KWD(Kuwait Dinar)==74693.3 VND(Vietnamese Dong) The Dong is a very low value currency.