What is the name of dog in the movie k-9 cop?

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Koton (Jerry Lee) was a real Kansas City, Missouri, police dog. On 18 November 1991, he was shot and killed apprehending a suspect in the attempted murder of a police officer. Ten days before his death, Koton found ten kilos of cocaine worth more than 1.2 million dollars.
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Name of science fiction movie on dog?

Atomic Dog. In addition:. Dean R. Koontz wrote a book called "watchers" about a boy and his telepathic link to a dog. 2 sequels were made with "watchers" in the title

What is the best type of cop dog?

um...... i say if you want a good one i say a pit bull or pug lol... honestly a German Shepherd , a Doberman or a Rottweiler. lol pug... as if XD

What is the name of Andi and Bruce's dog in the movie hotel for dogs?

It is a Jack Russell Terrier named Friday. In making of this movie, Friday is played by 2 dogs... I think their names are Buster and Boomer. Not so sure, but I do know Friday is played by 2 dogs. Also they had to dye Friday's ears brown. They tried a bunch of things.... a ring around the eye, rings ( Full Answer )

Is mall cop a good movie?

Yes. Paul Blart:Mall Cop is great. If you haven't seen it then go rent it from Blockbuster, Hollywood video, or your local Library. Serious.

What is a good name for a cop story?

Here are some names that I hope will be helpful to you in writing your cop story: Jeff Thompson Craig Wilson Stephen Montgomery Dave Hester Darrel Sheets Barry Weiss Jarrod Schultz Mel Brady

Name of dog in the movie Shooter?

According to the trainer, the dog's real name is Logan. He is aBernese Mountain and English Mastiff X. The dog is featured in themovie Shooter starring Mark Wahlberg.

Could you name the dog in the movie Shane?

Sure, you can, there's no limit of saying what you want to name your dog! If in the movie, the dog Shane died or something, it's better not to name your dog Shane. I dont think it's a good idea to name your dog a name that your friend's dog might have, 'cause if that dog got sick, then maybe your do ( Full Answer )

How do you become a K-9 cop?

You must first qualify to even be employed as a police officer. When you have completed at least your probationary period you may express your interest to the department of becoming a canine handler. The requirements are usually that you own a home with enough property to exercise and house your ass ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the movie when dogs fight?

Eyes Of An Angel.? Its an old moviiie. Its About A Doberman Pinscher who was put into dog fighting with a Pitbull&A little girl finds him in poor condiiition.

What is the name of the Lifetime movie Brittany Murphy starred in where she and a cop had an affair and he killed her in the end when their affair ended and he didn't want her with anyone else?

Victim of the Night-1996 The Brittany Murphy movie was originally titled "Double Jeopardy, " and first aired on CBS. It was later retitled for cable, "Victim of The Night." This was due to the fact that after the CBS broadcast, a feature film with the same title, "Double Jeopardy," was released.

Will there be another maniac cop movie?

Its nothing, but rumours right now, but being in the industry, i can tell you that after the remake of 'The Stepfather', they'll probably have a 'Maniac Cop' remake out in a couple of years.

Was there a Keeshond in Disney's Snow Dogs Movie named Polly?

I don't know the name of the Keeshond and I don't even know if you are still interested in an answer because I couldn't find a date telling me when it was asked, but because I read in a book about Keeshonds that there was, I watched the film and yes When they show the arctic challange (or what th ( Full Answer )

Do cops really put your name in the system?

If required to, yes, they will. This will be after complaints, arrests or convictions. Otherwise, there will not be any real reason to, and they probably won't.

How did cops become a name for police officers?

In 1921 the police department in St. Louis first started using pure copper badges, whose popularity quickly spread due to its frugality, especially following the economic strain caused by the recent spike in criminal activity. This was popularized in dramatic performances in early television in late ( Full Answer )

Is cop out a good movie?

In my opinion, yes. It's funny and has a fat policeman in it. What can be better than that in a comedy?

What is -5c plus 9 and how?

You can't tell a thing about -5c+9 until you know what 'c' is. And every time 'c' changes, -5c+9 changes.

What do K-9 cops do?

k9 cops catch bad guys and have a dog that helps them.[ most common is german shepherd.]

Why do the cops in the movie the other guys jump?

In the beginning of the movie, where the two cops fall to their death. It is simply because they agree just before they jump to aim for the bushes, except they never checked for these bushes they were aiming for and hit cold hard concrete instead.

Was chiffon the name of the dog in the shaggy da movie?

Possibly, though it sounds like a female dog. The Magic came from some sort of magical ring that Dave Douglas ( the dog-man) inadvertenly donned or was given at a museum. hence- woof woof.

Where was the movie A Dog Named Christmas filmed?

Kansas. Actually, I have the movie, and "behind the scenes" says it was filmed in Canada, but the author of the book lives on a farm in Kansas, where his family has lived for 5 generations, having purchased the land from the Indians (don't remem which tribe).

What are duties of a K-9 cop?

A K9 officer is also known as a dog handler. Duties include searching for offenders, missing people, drugs, explosives and other items which the dog is trained for.

Name of dog from movie up?

The name of the dog from the movie "Up" was Dug. Dug is a friendlypuppy like dog who is full of love for his new friends Carl,Russel, and Kevin. Dug also appears in his own short, "Dug'sSpecial Mission".

Can a cop refuse to give you his name?

No, legally a cop MUST idetify his or herself and the reason whythey are stopping you..... if you don't want to answer theirquestions you may simply say, " I know my rights and I refuse toanswer any of your questions" or "I refuse to answer yourquestions".

What is a 1980s movie that has a dog named Kipper?

The dog Kipper has been in the following movies: Kipper The Movie (2001) Kipper: Space Invaders (2009-2010) Kipper 2 (2011) Kipper 3 (2012) Kipper 4: The Lost Gem (2013) Kipper 5 (2014) Kipper 6 (2015) Kipper 7: Europe's Most Wanted (2016) Kipper 8 (2017)