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What is the name of the function which must be defined in a Java program?

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The main function. Every program must have a main function and it must be declared static.

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Why we write main method is static in java program?

The main function is a global function and there can be only one instance of any global function. As such, all global functions must be declared static.

What is main in java?

The main in Java is the entry point of the program. A Java program starts from main. main is a function. Java is an object oriented language. It means that everything in Java can be called only through objects. But how does a program start? something must be able to create an object isn't it? for this there is main function. Notice the declaration of a main function it will be as :-public static void main(String[] args) {}Here public indicates that the function that you call can be called anywhere from the program(out side the declared classes). static is a keyword which tells that you can directly call a function (in this case main) without creating an object for the function. void tell that the function main doesn't have a return type. In effect public static void main() {}, act as the entry point of the java program.Remember there will be only one main function in a Java class. Then objects are created inside the main function inside the Java program likepublic class Test {public static void main(String[] args) {MyClass obj = new MyClass();obj.myFunction();}} // end of Test classclass MyClass {public void myFunction() {System.out.println("I am from MyClass");}} // end of MyClassThe output of the program would beI am from MyClass

It is not an error not to end a Java file name with the java extension?

If you want to compile a java program the name of that source code must end with extension .java

Writa a java program to find perimeter of a triangle?

The Java program must first measure each side of the triangle. Then it must add the lengths of the three sides together to find the perimeter.

Why java best for internet?

Java is simply a programming language. It can be used for the Internet, but there are also other programming languages for the Internet. Also, Java can be used to program desktop applications; that is, what you program in Java must not needs be for the Internet.

What must every c program have?

A c program must have a main function.

What must computers have in order for it to execute Java programs?

For execute the java programs JVM(java virtual machine) is must necessary. JVM who takes the byte code of a program from system which is converted by the java compiler.

Difference between main function and public static void main?

void main() function just declares a function with return type void..but in java during execution of the program to call the members of a class before an object is created we declare the members as static..so main function must always be declared as static so that it must be called before object is created..and it is declared as public because it can be accesed by code outside the program...main function will not be executed if it is not declared as static in java..

What will happen if a Java Class has no Main Method?

Nothing will happen. There is no restriction that every Java class must have a main method. The only program is that, this class cannot be executed as a standalone java program.

Is it every c program must have atleast one user defined function?

Yes, the minimum is the following: int main (void) { return 0; }

What is the difference between user defined packages and pre defined packages?

Predefinedpackages and classes are those that come installed as part of the standard Java library; it is expected that each conforming Java implementation will have these libraries available to them without having to package those classes as part of the project. User defined packages, in contrast, are those classes not defined by the Java interface and must be packaged as part of an application (e.g. placed in the JAR file) in order to provide the implementation class files needed to have the program run.

The name of a java program file must match the name of the class with the extensionjavatrue or false?

False.But if you define a class as public class,this class must be written in a java program file that the file's name match the class's name.

How do you call an external function or program that is written in different programming language?

It doesn't matter what language the external program or function was written in since all executables must be converted to machine code. To execute an external function, that function must reside in a library to which your program is linked and you must know the prototype of the function you intend to call. This is usually found in the library header file which can simply be included in your program. You can then call the external function just as you would an internal function. To execute a specific function in another program, however, you must use the command line interface for that program.

What are identifiers and their rules in Java?

Identifiers in Java are variables in which data is stored during program execution. rules:- they must be the name of a KEYWORD: such as "class" cannot be used as a variable in java they must consist of only alphabets and numbers: such as "d%5" is not an identifier in java

How do you write rules for a function?

You can write them any way you like, as long as the basic definition of "function" is maintained. Basically, this means that the function must be defined uniquely defined for every input.

What is the only function all C plus plus programs must contain?

Every C plus plus program that is a main program must have the function 'main'.

What function must be in all c plus plus programs?

Every C++ program must have a main() function that returns an integer:int main(){// user-code goes here....// Main must return an integer to the calling program.// A non-zero value usually indicates an error occurred but// the exact meaning of the return value is user-defined.return( 0 );}

What is the one component that must be present in every C program?

A main function must be present in every C program.

What are the two parts required to use a function in a program in computer programming?

1st Data type2ed Function name Must required to use a function in a program

What must every C plus plus program contain?

Every C++ program must contain a global main function.

Can you give more than one main function in the program?

In any source-files, the function names must be unique. In any program (which might be created from multiple source-files), the public function names must be unique.

Why should you study the System Programming?

A Java application program is made of one or more classes and zero or more interfaces. One of the class must have the main() method as the execution starting point of the program. There are 3 steps involved in creating the classes and interfaces of a Java program, and running the program

Why java beans are platform independent?

When you program in any programming language, you compile your program before executing it. Compiling your program means you've converted your source code ( text ) into machine code( which can be executed)... Every machine has a different set of rules to execute a program... for example, Linux executes program differently than Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. So the compilers for these OS compile program differently. This is not the case with Java.. Java compiler compiles the source code into ByteCode, which is analogue to machine. The user must install Java VM, which then converts the ByteCode into machine code. Now the Java VM interprets the ByteCode according to machine.. So once you've Compiled your program ( turned into ByteCode) you can execute it anywhere( Java VM must be installed, and usually is installed).

What is the INT86 function in C programming?

INT 86 Int86() is a C function that allows to call interrupts in the program. prototype in dos.h In and out register must be type of REGS. REGS is a built in UNION declaration in C. It is defined in the header file <DOS.h>

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