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The main function. Every program must have a main function and it must be declared static.

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Q: What is the name of the function which must be defined in a Java program?
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Why we write main method is static in java program?

The main function is a global function and there can be only one instance of any global function. As such, all global functions must be declared static.

It is not an error not to end a Java file name with the java extension?

If you want to compile a java program the name of that source code must end with extension .java

What must every c program have?

A c program must have a main function.

Writa a java program to find perimeter of a triangle?

The Java program must first measure each side of the triangle. Then it must add the lengths of the three sides together to find the perimeter.

Why java best for internet?

Java is simply a programming language. It can be used for the Internet, but there are also other programming languages for the Internet. Also, Java can be used to program desktop applications; that is, what you program in Java must not needs be for the Internet.

What must computers have in order for it to execute Java programs?

For execute the java programs JVM(java virtual machine) is must necessary. JVM who takes the byte code of a program from system which is converted by the java compiler.

What will happen if a Java Class has no Main Method?

Nothing will happen. There is no restriction that every Java class must have a main method. The only program is that, this class cannot be executed as a standalone java program.

What is main in java?

The main in Java is the entry point of the program. A Java program starts from main. main is a function. Java is an object oriented language. It means that everything in Java can be called only through objects. But how does a program start? something must be able to create an object isn't it? for this there is main function. Notice the declaration of a main function it will be as :-public static void main(String[] args) {}Here public indicates that the function that you call can be called anywhere from the program(out side the declared classes). static is a keyword which tells that you can directly call a function (in this case main) without creating an object for the function. void tell that the function main doesn't have a return type. In effect public static void main() {}, act as the entry point of the java program.Remember there will be only one main function in a Java class. Then objects are created inside the main function inside the Java program likepublic class Test {public static void main(String[] args) {MyClass obj = new MyClass();obj.myFunction();}} // end of Test classclass MyClass {public void myFunction() {System.out.println("I am from MyClass");}} // end of MyClassThe output of the program would beI am from MyClass

Difference between main function and public static void main?

void main() function just declares a function with return type void..but in java during execution of the program to call the members of a class before an object is created we declare the members as main function must always be declared as static so that it must be called before object is created..and it is declared as public because it can be accesed by code outside the program...main function will not be executed if it is not declared as static in java..

The name of a Java program file must match the name of the class with the extension java A True B False?


Is it every c program must have atleast one user defined function?

Yes, the minimum is the following: int main (void) { return 0; }

The name of a java program file must match the name of the class with the extensionjavatrue or false?

False.But if you define a class as public class,this class must be written in a java program file that the file's name match the class's name.

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