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What is the name of the organism that as both pseudopodia and flagella?

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volvox uses both flagella and pseudopodia

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The scientific name is given to flagella can be in three main categories. They include bacterial flagella, eukaryotic flagella and archaeal flagella. As a matter of fact, flagella is a scientific name.

The scientific name of an organism both indicates exactly what organism is being referred to, and the evolutionary characteristics of that organism.

Protists are a very large, diverse group of organisms, including the plant-like protists (algae), fungi-like protists, and the animal-like protists (protozoans). Some examples are:CiliaFlagellaPseudopodiaAmoeba proteusEuglena gracilis

The protist amoeba forms pseudopodia.

AnswerFirst of all, Flagella is a kind of cell, not the name of a part in a cell. The flagella is a cell that is pill shaped, and it's most distuingishing quality is the tail at on end of the cell that is used as a rotor. Edit:The flagella actually is the tail part of a sperm cell.

Cells have two different kinds of appendages that are used for mobility. They have flagella and cilia. Both are used for movement.

Neutralism - this refers to the relationship where neither organism extracts benefit but neither are they harmed by co-existing

a Heterotroph is the name for an organism that cannot make its own food. An Autotroph is an organism that is able to synethsize its own food. Both heterotrophs and autotrophs can be single-celled or multi-cellular organisms.

Cilia and flagella are the means of locomotion in unicellular organisms. They differ in the numbers found in cell, their sizes and their shapes.

A pseudopod is a temporary protrusion of cytoplasm that can be used for locomotion. Pseudopodia can be called false feet.

Dinoflagellata has two flagella, one equatorial and one longitudinal. It uses these two flagella to whirl around (which is what their name means. dino in dinoflagellata means to whirl).

your first name corresponds to the species name of an organism.

A scientific name of an organism contains two parts. The first name is the genus name and the second name is the species name. There are some simple rules in writing a scientific name:a). The first letter of the Genus name must be capitalized.b). The first letter of the species name is not capitalized.c). Both names must be underlined or italicized.I believe that would make the Genus the most important part of the scientific name of an organism.

an omnivore is an animal that eats food from both plants and animals which may include eggs, insects, fungi and algae.

Scientists give every organism a 2 part Latin name, this is called the binomial name

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It depends on the organism, but the name for the current naming system is called Binomial Nomenclature.

The organism is heterozygous for that allele.

Your last name corresponds with the genus part of an organism.

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