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What is the name of the region of Pennsylvania when it was a colony?


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NEW ANSWER: The Ottawa Indian's lived in the region known as the Pennsylvania Colony. cheroke

The colony of Delaware was founded in 1638. The colony of Delaware was originally a region in the Pennsylvania province.

William Penn. Hence the name Pennsylvania .

The Pennsylvania colony was founding by William Penn in 1682. The name Pennsylvania was given by King Charles II. On December 12,1787 the colony became a state.

Pennsylvania is a colony....

after the name of the founder of the colony, William penn.

The Pennsylvania colony, otherwise known as the province of Pennsylvania, was founded in English North America by William Penn in 1681. The name Pennsylvania is roughly translated as "Penn's woods".

Pennsylvania was a proprietary colony.

Pennsylvania was founded as a safe colony for Quakers.

Pennsylvania state was also called Pennsylvania as a colony. It was named for Admiral William Penn, its founder's father. "silva" means "forest" in Latin, so the whole name means "Penn's Forest."

the Pennsylvania colony was founded in 1681

The colony of Pennsylvania was originally founded in 1682.

Pennsylvania was its own colony, one of the original 13.

Pennsylvania,Delaware,New York and New Jersey were located in the middle region of the United States.

The Pennsylvania colony no longer exists. Pennsylvania is now a state in America

Pennsylvania was founded in 1682 by a man who goes by the name of William Penn. The colony gets its name by this man. Thus the name being Pennsylvania.

The colony was in Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia was established by Penn ( hence the name of PENNsylvania).

Delaware was the colony that broke away from Pennsylvania

the pennsylvania colony started by them shooting a deer

The religios practice for the colony of Pennsylvania is "Quaker".

Yes, Pennsylvania was a self-governed colony.

The Quakers settled in the colony in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania was it's own colony. One of the original 13.

The people who built the colony of Pennsylvania WERE Europeans.

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