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In 2009, the University of Phoenix was ranked #28 out of 44 ranked Colleges and Universities that offer online degree programs by OEDb.

Also, the University of Phoenix is ranked #63 in the World ''[*based on popularity of its name in search engines only] ...''surpassing many state universities in the US, Canada, etc.. please be advised that according to this list (2010), Harvard University is ranked # you be the judge on how far this fine and respected university came along since its inception in late 70s....Kudos UoP

[''Note that this website and its rankings only looks at how often a university's name appears through search engine metrics - not at all about its academic qualities]''

FYI, the above poster's link to "rankings" is a site that only ranks ''popularity'' of various universities' names through search engine statistics! The site specifically says:

"The aim of this website is to provide an approximate popularity ranking of world Universities and Colleges based upon the popularity of their websites. ...

We do not claim - by any means - to rank organisations or their programs, by the quality of education or level of services provided."

Basically these rankings mean nothing other than how often searched for them on Google. I've got nothing against Univ. of Phoenix, but just want to make sure no one is misconceived by the above (unclear) post.

Here is an international ranking:

The 2008 top ten online universities in the world according to the '''''BEST & WORST ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS''''' are, in order:

'''1.''' '''University of London'''

'''2.''''''University of Phoenix'''

'''3.''''''University of South Africa'''

'''4.''''''University of Southern Queensland'''

'''5.''''''Golden Gate University'''

'''6.''''''Jones International University'''

'''7.''''''Indiana University'''

'''8.''''''University of South Florida'''

'''9.''''''University of Massachusetts'''

'''10.''' '''Regent University'''

The list is updated annually.
Source: See the Related Link below

And, from 2007:

The top ten online universities in the world according to the '''''BEST & WORST ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS''''' are, in order:

'''(1)''' '''The University of London'''

'''(2)''' '''The University of South Africa''' '''

(3)''' '''The University of Phoenix''' '''

(4)''' '''The University of Texas'''

'''(5)''' '''The University of South Australia''' '''

(6)''' '''The University of Southern Queensland''''''

(7)''' '''The University of Maryland University College''''''

(8)''' '''Golden Gate University''' '''

(9)''' '''Ellis College of NYIT'''

'''(10)''' '''Stanford University'''

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Q: What is the national ranking of the University of Phoenix?
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