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They live in the lowlands of East Asia in slow moving streams and ponds affected by seasonal flooding. The way it was described to me by a professional collector in the 1950s was "Betta splendens (and Anabantids in general) live in oxygen depleted puddles, streams and small ponds in the Rainforests of Malaysia, India, and Indonesia. The lack of oxygen in their habitat explains why the fish developed a labyrinth for breathing air as a supplement.

**The oxygen depleted puddles and small ponds is true only during the drought seasons. The rest of the year it's more like lakes and rivers.

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Q: What is the natural surroundings of the fighting fish in the wild?
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Betta fish are carnivorous and they eat insects that land on the surface of the water.Beta fish eat the algae off of other rocks and surroundings. :)

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