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the need for developing insurance business in Nigeria

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Q: What is the need for developing sustainable insurance business in Nigeria?
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Is Nigeria a developed or developing country?

2011- Nigeria is developing and has not yet developed.

The roles of insurance in the development of Nigeria economy?

The role of insurance companies in Nigeria can never be over emphasized, it is the pillar of every successful business. The insurance companies have given Nigerians the faith to invest in business without fear of losing out. Most financial institution may not want to loan to individuals without them endorsing an insurance policy. The advent of insurance companies in Nigeria has greatly improved the development of the country in the area of finance, individual business and public welfare.

Is Nigeria developing or underdevelop?

Developing country

What are the classes and types of insurance in Nigeria?

How many types of insurance do we have in nigeria

The role of Insurance in the Development of Nigeria Economy?

The roles of insurance in economic development of nigeria

Is Nigeria a developing nation?


Is Nigeria a developing country?


Organisation structure of an insurance company of great Nigeria insurance plc?

Explain the organisational structure of insurance companies in nigeria

When was Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation created?

Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation was created in 1988.

How has English language helped in developing Nigeria?

Besause the american started the Nigerians and by their heredity the English language started developing in Nigeria

If an American is in Nigeria with a three year old son does he need an insurance to travel outside of Nigeria?

No. He does not need an insurance to travel outside of Nigeria.

Is Nigeria wealthy?

Nigeria is seen as a 'Developing' Country. It is one of the Wealthiest Countries in Africa.

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