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I'm not really sure what you mean, but taking your question at face value - which is the world's oldest trade or profession - it may well have been that which used specific skills necessary in early society. So for example, someone who was particularly adept at flint-knapping may have been something of a trader in flint tools in his locality, and he / she was "paid" in some other commodity others were adept at supplying. To be honest I doubt anyone really knows the "oldest" profession, but as pottery, metal-working, clothes-making and agriculture advanced we had the beginnings of trade and the idea of specific skills being themselves commodities.

Additional Comments:
It may be that the questioner here is looking for 'prostitution' to be the answer as it is commonly referred to as 'the world's oldest profession.' This is perhaps true for contemporary times but was not the case originally. It could however, be part of the sinful causes that made God remove Enoch to another place for his safety or why God eventually decided to destroy the world by water. Post flood, it also seems to be part of the sins in Sodom where Abraham pleaded with God to spare the righteous. The Bible is not explicit if the 'sexual perversions' were paid for in any manner in the above.
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