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What is the operating temperature of a 1991 Mercury Capri?

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85cI don't know anyone who has a 90's Capri that has a temp gauge that is accurate. I have had my radiator water tested and the actual gauge is wrong. It always runs in the red in the summer.

Also, the oil gauges are not correct, either.

Try replacing the Themo.....I have no issues with mine

2011-11-22 10:33:59
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Where is headlight relay for 1991 Mercury Capri?

Where is the headlight relay for a 1991 mercury Capri

1991 Mercury capri?

what about a 1991 mercury capri? What's the question the answer is yes YESS!!!!!!

Need fuse box diagram for 1991 Mercury Capri?

Need fuse box diagram for 1991 Mercury capri

Where is the temperature sensor located on the 1991 Mercury Capri?

The sensor is on the driver side of the head. It has a single wire to it.

What is the original brand type size tires on a Mercury Capri?

What Year? Sorry, a mercury capri convertible 1991

Is the 1991 Merc Capri 1.6 L an interference engine?

The 1991 Mercury Capri engine is not an interference engine

Are the rotors on a 1991 Mercury Capri pressed on?


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Is a 1991 Mercury Capri a front wheel drive?


Where is the stator on a 1991 Mercury Capri?

near the distributor cap

Where do you get parts for Mercury Capri 1991?

www.ModernCapriParts.Biz specializes in ONLY 1991-94' Mercury Capri parts and accessories.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1991 Mercury Capri?

Mine is located on the firewall.Looks like a oil filter an has fuel lines.1991 capri turbo.

How do you Replace timing belt on a 1991 mercury capri? has instructions on this.

Will a auotmatic transmission from a 1991 Mercury Capri work in a 1993 Mercury Capri?

yes it will, just put a 91 in my me if you

Where can you find transmission parts for 1991 Mercury Capri?

Modern Capri Parts.Biz specilaizes in ONLY 1991-94' Mercury Capri parts. They have a giagantic online catalog with a whole section devoted just to transmission parts for the Aussie Built Mercury Capri & you can shop "24/7" to boot!!

What is the firing order 1991 Mercury Capri?


What is the timing setting for a 1991 mercury Capri 1.6 liter?

12degrees btdc

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1991 Mercury Capri?

The fuel pump relay on a 1991 Mercury Capri is located under the dash, near the main fuse panel. It controls when the fuel pump operates and provides power.

Firing order of 91 mercury capri non turbo?

The firing order for the 1991 Mercury Capri 1.6 liter, 4-cylinder non-turbo engine is 1342. Ford Motor Company produced the Capri from 1970-1977, then from 1979-1986, and again from 1991-1994.

What is the Spark Plug Gap for 1991 Mercury Capri?

According to one of Fords websites : For the 1.6 liter / 98 cubic inch four cylinder engine in a 1991 Mercury Capri ( the spark plug gap is .044 inch )

How many gallons of gas does a 1991 mercury capri hold?

11 us gallons

Is there a rubber pad under battery in a 1991 mercury capri?

There should be a plastic tray for the battery.

Can you put an electronic ignition on a 1991 Mercury Capri XR2 turbo?

It already has electronic ignition.