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Anaerobic is the opposite of Aerobic. Aerobic means 'with oxygen' whilst Anaerobic means 'without oxygen'

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Q: What is the opposite of aerobic?
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Aerobic respiration statements?

Aerobic respiration is the difference in H+ concentrations on opposite sides of the inner mitochondrial membrane. This is taught in science.

What is the opposite of Anaerobic?

anaerobic means without the presence of oxygen. the opposite is aerobic, which means with the presence of oxygen

How are the chemical equations for photosynthesis and and aerobic respiration different?

They are opposite to each other .

Is oxygen anaerobic?

Anaerobic refers to the lack of oxygen. Therefore, oxygen is literally the opposite of this, or aerobic.

What is fermentation the opposite of?

There is no opposite or reverse reaction, but fermentation is an anaerobic process, one not requiring oxygen. The aerobic equivalent would be respiration (oxidation).

What does aerobic respiration require when anaerobic does not?

Aerobic roughly means "requiring air," with "air" meaning oxygen. The suffix "ana-" means to take the opposite, much like "un-" or "dis-". Aerobic respiration requires oxygen and anaerobic respiration does not.

Why is aerobic respiration the opposite of photosynthesis?

P:co2+h2o= oxygen AR: oxygen to make co2+ h2o

Aerobic respiration anaerobic respiration and fermentation are?

Anaerobic respiration is not the same as fermentation, although it does happen in the absence of oxygen unlike aerobic respiration which is when glucose and oxygen react to create carbon dioxide, water and energy. Basically, aerobic respiration is what animals do to gain energy and it is the opposite of photosynthesis.

What does the word anaerobic mean?

anaerobic means no oxygen it is the opposite of aerobic.

How are mitochondria and chloroplasts and aerobic cell respiration and phtosynthesis the opposite of each other?

The mitochondria is where aerobic respiration takes place to create energy for the cell in an animal. In plants, the chloroplasts take the energy from sunlight to provide the energy needed for the cell.

What is the opposite process of photosynthesis?

The opposite is cellular respiration, more specifically aerobic respiration. This process uses oxidation to release the energy stored in carbohydrates.

To maximize ATP production glycolysis must be followed by what?

Aerobic respiration is the type of respiration which maximises the production of energy. Aerobic means that it requires oxygen. Anaerobic is the opposite of this.