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What is the origin of mime?

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Mime originated in western Rome AND Greece.

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What is mime in French?

"Mime"in English is "mime" in French.

Who does Mr Mime evolve into?

Mr. Mime doesn't evolve you can evolve a Mime Jr to a Mr. Mime

How do you get a mime jr egg?

mime or mime jr with a ditto in the daycare

Does Mr Mime evolve?

The Pokémon Mr. Mime does not evolve. Mr. Mime evolves from Mime Jr. when a Mime Jr. is leveed with the move Mimic.

When was mime created?

Mime was created in....................

Why is Mime Jr called Mime Jr?

It is simply a child version of Mr Mime.

Is a mime evil?

No, a mime is an actor. Many use the role of mime as part of their training.

How do you evolve mrmime?

Mr. Mime does not evolve. Mime Jr. evolves into Mr. Mime by leveling up when Mime Jr. knows Mimic.

What actors and actresses appeared in M is for Mime Time - 2013?

The cast of M is for Mime Time - 2013 includes: Erica Arana as Mime Audience Josh Arana as Mime Audience Isaiah Arana as Mime Audience Tim Arana as Mime Audience Beka as Audrey Ulises Brito as Mime Audience Dave Eurich as Mime Audience Gari Hart as Mime Monte LaMonte as Ed

When did mime originate?

mime originate from France

What does Mime Jr evolve into?

Into mr. mime

What is a mime made from?

A mime is a person! A human!

Where was mime created?

Mime was created in Greece.

What are the rules for a mime?

the rule for i a mime :) <3

Is a pantomime and mime the same thing?

A pantomime is the art of genre of conveying a story by bodily movements only. A Mime is an actor in a mime, or one who practices mime. A mime is also a short play without speech.

What actors and actresses appeared in Mime Apples - 2011?

The cast of Mime Apples - 2011 includes: Nora Kirkpatrick as Mime Aaron Older as Mime

How do you get a Mr Mime?

you have to trade an Abra for a mr. mime

What year did mime start?

mime started in 1923

What makes a good mime?

ingrediant of a good mime

What is mime jr fig?

a mime jr. statue

What actors and actresses appeared in Mime-mime - 2008?

The cast of Mime-mime - 2008 includes: Niijima Ayaco Yamazoe Masahisa Kanji Tsuda

Scottish mime artist who tought david bowie to mime?

Lindsay Kemp taught David Bowie how to mime.

Why did Alexandra Burke mime bad boys?

she did not mime on the x factor..Simon Cowell wont allow her mime...

What is mime?

Mime is where you silently express things. You have to be really good to do a show of mime, as there is no talking, you have to show what you mean by body lanuage. Mime is very emotional and you can express your feelings silently. Mime is a stylised form of drama which creates an illusion of reality.

When was mime invented?

mime was invented on the 11th of Febuary 1843.